Photos of MDMK leader Vaiko with Prabhakaran

The Sri Lankan Army has found photos and videos of MDMK leader Vaiko in the company of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran. Vaiko is a known LTTE sympathiser and has been arrested a couple of times by the Tamil Nadu government for his open support to the feared terrorist organisation.

According to media reports, Vaiko made clandestine visits to the LTTE controlled territory in Sri Lanka during the 1980s. The MDMK chief also spent a month in LTTE territory in 1989. The Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) was fighting the Tamil Tigers during the same time in Lanka’s northeast, a media report said.

The photos below have been released by the Sri Lankan defence ministry.

1. Vaiko with LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran

Vaiko - LTTE - 1

2. Vaiko with Prabhakaran in the LTTE controlled territory

Vaiko - LTTE - 2

3. Vaiko in army fatigues with Prabhakaran in the LTTE controlled territory

Vaiko - LTTE - 3

4. Vaiko (R) with the former LTTE deputy ‘Mahaththaya’ (Left)

Vaiko - LTTE - 4

5. The photo behind Vaiko (R) shows him with the gun in the company of LTTE chief Prabhakaran

Vaiko - LTTE - 5

6. Vaiko delivering a lecture to the LTTE cadre

Vaiko - LTTE - 6

7. Vaiko delivering a lecture in the LTTE controlled territory

Vaiko - LTTE - 7

15 thoughts on “Photos of MDMK leader Vaiko with Prabhakaran

  1. Vaiko is a traitor. He needs to be tried for high treason !1 Truly disgusting!!!

  2. it is really shocking, but he is regularly in news for his outspoken support for the LTTE.
    These photos,although bit older, clearly shows his deep involvement with the LTTE in the past.
    But he is not just the one, if investigated properly the involvement of indian government on large scale cannot be ignored.
    The situation changed after the killing of then PM Rajeev Gandhi, since then India is not supporting Tamilian cause.

  3. long live ltte. rajapakse shud be tortured for being such a dumbass president who has no knowledge od democracy or how to run a goddamn country. his brother gotobaya is the biggest retard ive ever met, its like a monkey with a mental disorder

  4. Not at all.. Vaiko is not a traitor.. He sympathizes for the people of the same race, ethnicity.. Its not brutality.. Its mere support & condolence.. So words shall be minded pls….

  5. People forget that before religion, ethnicity or even family comes country. Vaiko can be best described with the poem ‘Breathes there the man with a soul so dead’.

  6. these pics clearly show what a rat vaiko really is. all the while preaching holy doctrines, and almost surely involved in the murder of one of our most loved pm. these pics shows the kind of deep involvement vaiko had. he would’ve known about the whole plot to assasinate Rajiv Gandhi.

  7. I am a Tamil too but I am an Indian first.
    The LTTE has killed our Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi & it should be punished for that. May the Almighty give the strength to the Sri Lankan Army to mercilessly kill every single member of the LTTE & wipe out this scum from the face of the earth.

    As for Mr.Vaiko or yourself or anyone who supports the LTTE in spirit or kind, you are all guilty of waging war against India & should be hanged for committing treason.

    I am not against the Tamils getting their rightful place in Sri Lankan society, but violence is not the answer.

    Now that the LTTE has been vanquished, let moderate Tamils contest elections & put up the Tamil issue in Sri Lankan Parliament.

    You have to be in the system to change the system!!!!

  8. see ltte is a organisation formed for their rights.. 100 yrs before our subash chandra bose taken a weapon to get freedom from britain.. mow prapakaran for srilankan tamils.. so let mind all ur words..

  9. mr.. if government kills lakh of tamil poeples.. for ur eyes its not a terrorism ah.. we have not a rights to speak about ltte and their struggle.. to get thier rights they had taken weapon.. u gugs just mind ur words.. u dont know the emotions of those people..

  10. Hi,

    Even MGR, Karunanidhi, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi himself are seen with LTTE leader and photograpnhed. See Hindu published dated 19th May. Only difference is Vaiko visited him in his base, while he visited others in their place.. Lets not forget that India helped LTTE to grow and train in indian terriotry only to disrupt srilanka and when they found its uility missing, wanted LTTE to stop its activities..

  11. I agree wit u.Actually ltte ia not a terrorist.They were fighting for indian rights in sri lanka….As a indian i agree with them..They are real heroes..Respect to them

  12. Vaiko sir please fight for our tamil eelam from India. You are a powerful person in India please so something and save the tamil peoples in srilanka

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