Growing international support for Maoists in India

Canary Trap, in one of its posts in May 2012, had mentioned how Maoists in India are getting active foreign support and it is growing with each passing day.

According to Maoist-linked websites, after a major international conference in Hamburg on November 24, 2012, it was decided that an international day of support in various countries will be launched from July 1. The day (also the anniversary of slain Maoist leader Cherukuri Rajkumar, popularly known as Azad) will be observed as an international day of support and solidarity for the people’s war in India.

“On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Comrade Azad, leader of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), beloved by the revolutionary masses in India and by the people of the world, all the proletarian forces and anti-imperialists strengthen and reiterate their support for the people’s war and render honors to all martyrs of the revolution,” a statement on one of the Maoist-linked website read.

RSN Singh, a former military intelligence officer and a contributing editor at Canary Trap, has argued in the past that “Maoist terrorism has entered a critical phase wherein a final assault is being made on the political fabric – Indian democracy. Crucial to this assault are the international benefactors of the Maoists and their over-ground elements in the cloak of intellectuals and social-activists.”

Canary Trap is publishing a set of documents released by Maoists to mark July 1 as International day of support to the people’s war in India. The documents clearly suggest that it would be a folly to treat the Maoist threat as a mere law and order problem.

The documents embedded below include:

  • Poster on International Day of Support to People’s War in India
  • Leaflet issued by International Committee to Support People’s War in India
  • Calls by Maoist Groups from across the world to support Maoist Insurgency in India
  • Letter by Maoist Communist Party Italy
  • CPI (Maoist) Press Release (June 11, 2013)

International Day of Support to the People’s War in India by The Canary Trap

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