Canary Trap is a platform for investigative and in-depth information related to security, intelligence, politics, media, history, and tech.

Canary Trap calls on all Indians to expose corruption prevalent at all levels in our country.

If you have any document/information that can expose corruption mail it to us at [email protected]. We will soon activate a secure uploading module wherein you can securely upload documents directly to our servers.

Please note that Canary Trap does not accept rumor, opinion, other kinds of first hand accounts or material that is publicly available elsewhere. This is because we write news stories based on the material, and then provide a link to the supporting documentation to prove our stories are true.

If you are sending us something, we encourage you to include a brief description of why the documents are important and what the most significant parts are within the document. It will help us to write up and release the story much faster.

Canary Trap will protect the identity of people who sends us documents/information.