Internet and Egypt protests

INTERNET WARS: Hashtags #Jan25 #Cairo and #Egypt are following the latest protest on twitter. Police followed the progress of the set up of the protests using Twitter and Facebook. Yet, learning from previous clampdowns of similarly organised protests this year, the first locations posted were decoys to derail riot police.The government also tried to prevent information from spreading by blocking Twitter, Facebook, and telephones on both Jan 25 and Jan 26. Again, savvy activists knew their way around and used proxies to bypass the internet block.  Click here to read an impressive report on internet guerrilla tactics and build-up of protest.

International Hackers Anonymous have started a full hacking campaign on Egypt’s government websites.


Poverty: Nearly half of all Egyptians live under or just below the poverty line set by the United Nations at $2 a day.

Restraining freedom of speech, among other constitutional freedoms under Emergency Law.

The current president has been in term for more than legal limit.  According to Daily News Egypt article, “Organizers of the protest said that their demands include raising the minimum wage, ending emergency law, the impeachment of the minister of interior and limiting presidential terms to two.”


Remon Elmarkiz Micheal, a photographer from Cairo, has been kind enough to share this set of photos with Canary Trap. The photos are related to Egyptians protecting a residential block in Cairo.

Click here to view more photos…

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