Sanatan Sanstha wants to wage a war within India to eliminate “evil-doers”

Canary Trap’s revelations in Part 1 and Part 2 of the expose on Sanatan Sanstha put out in public domain for the first time the organization’s violent, terrorist ideology masked and wrapped in an abstract and obscure interpretation of Hinduism. These revelations are all part of the evidence collected against Sanatan Sanstha during investigations carried out by state law enforcement agencies in Maharashtra and Goa as well central intelligence agencies over last 7 years. However, as mentioned earlier neither the Congress-led UPA government, nor the BJP-led NDA government have demonstrated their political willingness to uphold India’s Constitution.

In Part 3 of the continuing Canary Trap revelations on Sanatan Sanstha, evidence of this extremist Hindu terror organization’s belief in “waging war on evil-doers” is being put out in the public domain. It must be noted that Sanatan Sanstha has the same “Jehadi mindset” as that of the Islamic terror groups and is a mirror image of the very same groups it is claiming to be fighting against. This is amply proven and self-evident through its documents, all of which are in the custody of Indian law enforcement agencies.

Violence Towards Evildoers in Non-Violence

Waging war or ‘kshatradharma’ is a central ideological premise of Sanathan Sanstha. This is how one text describes ‘kshatradharma’ – “The spiritual practice of protecting seekers and destroying evil doers is beneficial for this part of the Kaliyug” By conveniently creating a facade of spiritual mumbo-jumbo around terror tactics, Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale – head of Sanatan Sanstha has created a dangerous, intolerant and violent Hindu cult based on a dubious interpretation of highly revered Hindu scriptures to push through a belief in large parts of rural and semi-urban Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa that Hindu terrorism is the only way to counter Islamic terrorism.

Booklet on Kshradharma

Cover of Kshatradharma Sadhna

Kshatradharma and Rajdharma book cover

According to former members of Sanatan Sanstha, one of its first training camps was allegedly held at Damise village, close to the Sanstha’s headquarters in Ponda, in Goa. Camps were then set up at Satara, Karad and Raigad in Maharashtra. The Sanstha has persuaded ex-armymen to train their cadres, and each camp allegedly gives commando training to 200 Sadhaks. But the Sanstha calls it a part of its spiritual program. This extremist organization’s publications encourage the cult’s members to identify those who work against ‘dharm’, make lists of such people, and then ‘eliminate’ them.

Kshatramdharma Sadhana-the book on waging war

Killing Muslims in the Social Upliftment book

Evil politicians deserve punishment

The organization clearly says in its publication that “violence towards evil-doers is non-violence.” According to this extremist organization any Hindu rationalist or Hindus who don’t follow its strictures, Muslims and Christians are evil-doers and that they pose a “danger to India”. How could the Government of India, since the UPA rule and now under NDA dispensation allow an organization such as the Sanatan Sanstha to openly flout the Indian Constitution and continue to flourish even as it publicly takes a position in its publications that “evil politicians must be punished” through violence?

Danger posed by Muslims and Christians

Canary Trap Editorial: A big window of opportunity has opened up for the BJP-led NDA government to take legal action against all forms of religious extremism because religious fundamentalism has no place in a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, progressive and liberal society. Congress, Left parties and caste-based parties have pandered to religious extremism for vote-bank politics. The BJP, with its decisive positioning as the confident voice of the majority Hindu community in India, must purposefully and meaningfully cleanse its stable by allowing law enforcement agencies to take action against extremist fringe elements within its fold. This will provide it the credibility and legitimacy to effectively deal with other forms of religious extremism in India and promote communal amity.

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