Home Ministry report exposes Arvind Kejriwal

Doubtful payments, dubious signatures, embezzlement of funds, inappropriate accounting system at Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO Kabir. This is what an audit report prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) suggests.

The report “Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records Pertaining to an NGO Kabir – 2005-06 to 2011-12” was prepared by the MHA in August 2012.

You can read the entire report below. Here are some of the points raised by the inspection team after going through the records of the NGO.

  • No documentary evidence for salaries and allowance paid to the employees has been provided to inspection party.
  • No rent agreement of the premises (E-109, Indraprashta Building, Pandav Nagar, Delhi – 110092) as it was not traceable. No rent receipts from the land lord either.
  • Amount of Rs 17,68,261 has been paid to different RTI activists throughout the country between the years 2008 to 2011-12. However, no agreement between the individuals and association was made available to inspection party.
  • No cash book for the period 2006-08. As per statement of Manish Sisodia, the cash book has been lost somewhere due to shifting of office. It is again questionable that vital documents like cash book has been lost. From the perusal of details in the years when cash book was maintained, i.e. 2008-09 till date, it has been observed that most of the expenditure has been incurred in cash. In the absence of cash book, the genuineness of expenditure can’t be ascertained.

The report also mentions a series of questionable expenditure by Manish Sisodia for which there were no sufficient records available.

Read the entire report below:

Inspection of Foreign Contribution Records Pertaining to an NGO Kabir by The Canary Trap

7 responses to “Home Ministry report exposes Arvind Kejriwal”

  1. Dr.R.C Saxena Avatar
    Dr.R.C Saxena

    A pot is calling the kettle black.

    1. Kumar Avatar

      And the pot is…the Home Ministry ?

      Any pot of whatever colour, calling the kettle black… does not make the kettle white !

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  3. Murali Gopalan Avatar
    Murali Gopalan

    While this needs to be investigated, HM has no credibility and uses it’s might to get at inconvenient gadflies.

  4. Pran Lal Priyadarshi Avatar
    Pran Lal Priyadarshi

    There is more than one agency involved in preparing this report. These are legal documents. No one can fudge them. Not even Shinde.

  5. aviator Avatar

    I have just a doubt…. just because he is a thorn in the side for the congress party all govt resources are mobilized against him? the same Alacrity is not on display against Salman Khursheeds wife’s NGO or CWG scam or any of the millions of scams off late… Isn’t that a wee bit strange? or we accept it as normal and being the consummate cynics like to see a good or honest man coming down so we can continue our cynical existence and have reasons to doubt everyone’s sincerity other than our own?

  6. What the hell Avatar
    What the hell

    This is mind boggling. Raises a lots of questions;

    First, why is MHA interested in workings of virtually unknown NGO? Only plausible answer seems to be the motive of discrediting some opponent.
    Second, Why is NGO being run so incompetently?
    Third and most important, Assuming that this is the way AK, MS are used to functioning, What kind of honest governance can one expect from them?