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A section of the confidential Henderson Brooks-Bhagat Report, which has been lying with the Defence Ministry for over 50 years now, has now been put online by Australian journalist Neville Maxwell. The report was a result of the government inquiry into the humiliating defeat at the hands of China in the 1962 border war.

Apart from writing on what led to India’s defeat in the 1962 war, Canary Trap, in a series of posts in last few years, has repeatedly called for declassifying this report. You can read the report below:

Part of the Henderson Brooks-Bhagat Report on the India-China war of 1962 by The Canary Trap

The Henderson Brooks-Bhagat Report is not the only document which gives an insight into what went wrong. There are a series of other declassified documents released by the US State Department, CIA, Russian Presidential Archives and other agencies, that reveal interesting details about the war. Here is a list: