Why Chidambaram is against Jan Lokpal Bill?


“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”

– Joseph Goebbels

Why is P Chidambaram the greatest opponent of the Jan Lokpal bill?  Why has he become so desperate so as to attack peaceful fasting people in dead of the night? Why did he time his interview to justify the excesses of midnight swoop with that of the fast of Anna?

It is because if the Jan Lokpal comes into being Chidambaram’s political career will be over. As Finance Minister Chidambaram was responsible for generating the largest amount of black money. He was also responsible for the highest amount of corruption as the black money that was generated was through corruption. The loss to the exchequer during his tenure of would be over two lakh crores, divided equally between 2G Scam and the Iron Ore Scam.

It is for this reason that he is the greatest opponent of Jan Lokpal  and will go to any extent to oppose it by means fair and foul. The civil society members of the drafting committee should demand his removal as he has a huge conflict of interest in eradication of corruption through an independent Lokpal as envisaged in the Jan Lokpal bill.

But first the charges against Chidambaram:

  • Is it not true that Essar was paid Rs 1700 crores by Hutch for the purpose of getting the government clearance from FIPB (under Finance Ministry) for the Hutch-Vodafone deal by a particular date?
  • Was it a coincidence that the government gave the clearance within the time stipulated by Hutch, despite Hutch violating the foreign investment ceiling norms, and forgot to collect Rs 10,000 crores of income tax before giving the clearance?
  • Is it not true that Chidambaram as Finance Minister failed to ensure that the pricing of spectrum/license takes place at market related price through a cabinet decision and not be left to the corrupt ministers of the DMK? Can the polite letters written at the time absolve him of the guilt of loss of around Rs 80,000 crores (pan India spectrum price calculated at  Rs 10,000 crores, the price at which they were sold) crores caused by Raja and Maran?
  • How could he have allowed Maran and Raja to sell the pan India spectrum/license for Rs1600 crores in 2007 and 2008 when Vodafone bought Hutch shares for a valuation of Rs 75,000 crores in February 2007? Can he claim to be so ignorant of the law and valuation so as to allow the deal to take place? Did he protect public interest and public revenue?
  • Did he not choose to look the other way knowing fully well that the black money will help DMK and the Congress win the election and bring them back to power. In fact the manner in which he won his own election, after losing it, tells its own story. The petition pending in the High Court challenging his election will probably not be decided till his tenure as a MP and Minister is over. Not surprising, he wants the judiciary out of the Lokpal ambit!
  • Chidambaram’s accountability in the 2G scam would have been nailed by any independent investigator and more so by a Lokpal. He has gone scot free because of his influence over the CBI and the fact that Congress has a majority in the House. Chidambaram is as guilty as Maran and Raja. An independent Lokpal would end the political career of this so called elected representative of the people who has been threatening civil society. (He used to do it with the ultra left movement also till the author nailed his lie in a post published here at Canary Trap).
  • Chidambaram was responsible for the generation of a two lakh crores of black money by the mining mafia due to illegal mining, low royalty and massive evasion of income tax. The mining royalty is to be revised every three years as per section 8 of MMDR Act. It came up for revision in October 2004. The royalty was deliberately kept low and fixed and not ad valorem. This despite soaring profits in the mining of iron ore. The royalty was deliberately kept at a token amount of Rs 15/tonne (average) when the industry was making windfall profits. He deliberately did not revise the royalty on 14/10/2007 when the rates of iron ore had doubled in three years and profit was 80 per cent. He did not revise the royalty in 2008 as long as he was finance minister.
  • The sales record of the iron ore miners will show that they were grossly under invoicing the sale price and under reporting the profits. Huge amount of black money was generated and salted away. There were pay offs for not imposing export duty and when imposed the duty was negligible. Was Chidambaram ignorant of the stupendous profits being made by the mining industry? Had he not served on the Board of Vedanta and been a corporate lawyer and a tax expert? It is being alleged that the entire mining lobby was favoured financially by Chidambaram for extraneous reasons. Will Chidambaram like to have his role examined in the mining scam by an independent Lokpal?
  • Chidambaram was the common factor in the leak of Justice Pathak Inquiry Committee report and Justice Liberhan report? Is he more honourable than the judges? Is he not the prime suspect as he is the common factor? Will he be willing to face an independent investigation on his role in the leak?
  • We all remember how Natwar Singh was made to pay for his role in the Oil for Food Scam. But Mr Chidambaram deliberately did not refer the three contracts (M9/35, M10/17 and M11/25) of Reliance to Pathak Committee which were obtained by paying bribes. His speech in Parliament is a complete giveaway. Why did he shield Mukesh Ambani and what was the consideration for doing so? Would it bear the scrutiny of the Lokpal? What if it is alleged that Mr Chidambaram’s speech in Parliament  shielding Ambani was for a bribe?
  • Similarly the manner in which Anil Ambani has been shielded by CBI in the 2G scam by not naming him in the FIR for the Rs 990 crore investment made by Reliance Communication in Swan Telecom defies logic and the law. Ninety per cent of the money in Swan telecom was invested by a public limited company in which Anil Ambani is the CEO and yet it is the employees, who invested 10 per cent of the money, who are behind bars. Could Chidambaram be behind it?
  • Then there are other vital issues like the killing of Azad, a naxalite  and Pandey, an innocent journalist. Would Chidambaram like to be investigated for murder by an independent Lokpal?

His recent role in having fake CD certified as true, leaking the report and then not revealing the true report reminds one of Goebbels. That it concerned a former Law Minister and a Honourable member of the Bar (certainly more honourable than Chidambaram) and the co-chairman of the drafting committee does not surprise anyone. His role in the post midnight swoop on non violent protesters and the reported advisory issued to the electronic media not to cover the Anna’s fast at Rajghat also reminds one of the more famous German gentleman referred to above.

Chidambaram could barely win a disputed election held after the mother of all scams, the 2G scam. He has no right to lecture the nation on corruption and democracy.

He has much to fear from an independent Jan Lokpal. And that is why he will even do a Goebbels to oppose it.

In doing so he has already cost the Congress the next elections. Sonia Gandhi would do well to have him sacked.

Will he subject himself to the same test of fire that he subjected some of the members of the civil society to? There will never be a deal as long as he is there.

(Arun Agrawal is the author of the book Reliance: The Real Natwar. The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Canary Trap or any employee thereof)

81 responses to “Why Chidambaram is against Jan Lokpal Bill?”

  1. NAGA Avatar

    Very true. But once again , like all other tainted ministers CHIDAMBARAM will also go SCOT FREE!!!!!

  2. Sunil Avatar

    To top it all, he is as much ARROGANT as he is INTELLIGENT ! Alas, the intelligence was never put to good use, by likes of him, and Kapil Sibbal.

  3. muslim Avatar

    It appears that after the liquidation of congress from TN he has gone completely mad.He want to demolish congress by such action which may inflame whole masses in india and congress would eb wiped out.The action on innocent ppl in Ramlila was totally unwarranted by he went through such action which is unparalleled in indian history.It is his mischiviousness or foolishness whatever it may be but it would cost cingress very dearly.

  4. ram Avatar

    yes this is the real issue its like making the culprits judges and expecting them to pronounce judgement against themselves .is that ever possible

  5. sanjana Avatar

    look at his asset declaration! where did he get all this money from????

    1. brien antony Avatar
      brien antony

      He is a highly successful lawyer …………………….these comments show taht all members in lokpal panel.are the real dictators..They think every thing they say is correct.In democracy others are also entitled to their opinion .simply because it does not match urs it does not mean he or she is corrupt or wrong….i as a citizen of this country is against inclusion of all powers of prime minister under Lokpal review.for example R&AW ,comes under prime minister are u all saying that all operation of RAW need to come under lokpal ……..so really wat are u all drafting for SUPER Prime minister . when other in the panel say they are not ready to include prime minister and says matter is not closed and we will go for a middle path what do civil society members do they call them all sorts of name,even calling them cheats and corrupts.
      one word of advice to all civil society drafting members ,dont think u got selected to lokpal drafting committee becoz u where special ,it is becoz people like me and thousands others supported this movement…..so do u r job and draft a proper bill rather than jumping from one news channel to other.By supporting Ramdev u have degraded the movement against corruption. one more thing any person can boycott ,doing what u r asked to do is difficult…….like elected representative u r also given a mandate….. . that is to draft a bill

      1. rahul desale Avatar
        rahul desale

        More research before writing will be highly appreciated. Does anyone have any idea where this thousands of crores have gone? Indian banks? No, it is black money, we should get it back. I strongly advice more research before writing and know the plots, think from your point of view don’t read some congress stuff and then come make a fool of yourself on internet forums. take care.

      2. Akir Avatar

        Your dad has made hell lot of money out of corruption, isn’t it? … I know it hurts a lot when it is pay back time.

  6. Sameer Avatar

    Absolutely shit. There are lot of others who oppose JanLokpal as it intends to create a parallel system that one day would surely become the same. Having a Lokpal as a parallel to the highest post is completely shit. its not just PC or the government, it is lot of general people like us who also contribute against JanLokpal..

    Regarding the involvement of him.. if there is something as you mentioned above.. I think the Lokpal has control on Ministers.. so this should be raised. Now worry about entire India been investigated by Lokpal..

    1. Srikanth Avatar

      To Sameer: Janlokpal is not an Indian DEMOCRACY PHENOMENON…Many western countries instituted the Janlokpal in the 1980’s and 1990’s to make their ministers accountable…

    2. Dr Nitin Rohatgi Avatar
      Dr Nitin Rohatgi

      you are right only abt one thing- SHIT. what we want is to clean that SHIT. we have to. we ve already seen what the so called elected representatives have done to our society- made it a SHIT.

      were you expecting lokpal wont be corrupted ten years down the lane..its like expecting a candle will light throughout the life. infact the very government that would create LOKPAL will accuse him of being corrupt. What ANNA is doing is to make government accountable. LET YOUR FEAR BE OUT. ANYWAY WE ARE IN A WIN-WIN SITUATION. if JANLOKPAL comes things will improve, else it cant get worse than this.

      take care

    3. Akir Avatar

      Sure, your dad has made hell lot of money out of corruption … I know it hurts a lot when it is pay back time.

  7. Kuldeep Avatar

    As it is proved that Congress govt is the mother of Corruption. But i know expressing my views regarding the topic makes no difference because the voice of one lakh people was snubed by P.Chidambram’s army.But collective efforts will result in a revolution sooner or later. In the leadership of Anna g and with the blessings of Baba ji we are ready for any kind of fight.

  8. chanchal Avatar

    unko bhi jel jana padega

  9. A Anand Avatar
    A Anand

    Thank you Mr. Arun Agrawal for writing such a daring piece of article.. Well researched and well presented..

  10. Dr Nitin Rohatgi Avatar
    Dr Nitin Rohatgi

    here comes the boss of all conspirators…. the great chidambaram. a perfect example of – YEDA BANKAR PEDA KHANA. Mr Arun you too take care- he ll get psycho abt this.

  11. Chethan Avatar

    Cunning Fox hiding with innocent face….

  12. Anil Avatar

    Is there any one political leader whom we can trust completely? Why do they have to do all this to come up in their political career?

    1. Dr Nitin Rohatgi Avatar
      Dr Nitin Rohatgi

      Mr Anil, there are still few independent MP still left in parliament who till few years back use to come by DTC bus. SHOCKED NA..

  13. Anurag Avatar

    ye to pahle v kisi scam (kisi company k shares ka) me tha jab resign karna pada tha isko.

  14. Sanjay Avatar

    Solid information again Chidambaram… it will surly help to Jal lok pal… if they will rise all those questions against Congress or Chidambaram.

  15. vishal Avatar

    all media channel are giving opinions in favour of congress. i personally feel congress has declared indirect emergency.

    congress is using whole machinery(cbi, ed, RA, Income tax etc ..) against baba ramdev.

    we should not forget all this till election.

  16. aniruddh Avatar

    There are many scam left. The much evident is Indian Bank scam which runs into more than 2000 crores. In this report of scam, Chidambaram’s name cropped up and indicted in this report. Why no action taken and know much about various facts about Chidambaram, why there is no case going on and SC becomes a mute spectator. Why the BJP & Co. not raising this issue if they know much about them. We are confused whom should we trust. Everywhere there is scamsters.

    1. augustine Avatar

      its like in the river all crocodiles are circling , the ones who are hurt & bleeding gets gobbled up by the others….so no one we could trust

  17. indiagovernance Avatar

    Bullshit. Prove it or else be prepared for defamation. Don’t degrade people without any reason. You seem to be a BJP agent.

    1. Rahul Avatar

      I guess you are Diggie’s doggie.

    2. Ranjit Jha Avatar
      Ranjit Jha

      Its govt who is using all its machinary to discredit everyone/anyone raising voice against corruption. Seems like you are Italian pros agent. Are you?

  18. mohit Avatar

    I also remember that during election results day in 2009 , It was first declared that P Chidambaram has lost the election then I seen in news that he went to meet Election Commissioner and just after an hour there was news flash that P Chidambaram won in recounting. How can a recounting be done in one hour ?

  19. navas Avatar

    One more addition to this list…he is ithe guy who still supporting online lottery Mafia in India .His wife,nalini ,is the counsel for this mafia in Supreme Court.He was trying to avoid a CBI enquiry in kerala about lottery scam even after repeated request from kerala Govt..

  20. Ranjit Jha Avatar
    Ranjit Jha

    NDTV, CNN IBN, Star news and many more- all playing in the hands of congress….People should start avoiding all this news channels…lets be more selective…

  21. Raj Avatar

    It is soooo sad to see how a country is being ruined and destroyed by the same vulture who were suppose to protect her!!! The government has become so BESHRAM and corrupt that I am not sure we ever achieved independence!!

  22. Biswajit Avatar

    We should have the to-do list ready with us. The fact that the ball has started rolling is obvious. So its just a matter of time that the so called corrupt will be exposed. But should that be the end of the story? Corruption breeds in the nerves and arteries of our society. How do we root that out? “E-governance”? Possible. But what do we justify our children with, who keep continuous vigil on our actions or inaction, our truths and our lies, our strengths and our weaknesses and our Blacks (if at all its money) and our whites?
    We should realize that we are just instruments in this information age which is jettonising the present into the future where the past is unable to cope up with the speed. So the onus lies on us, the present. Are we prepared to give shape to the future with such a flimsy past rooted in medieval anarchy?
    As “Anna ji ” or “Baba Ramdev ji ” often mention of “Nis-kalanka jeevan” or “Charitra”, are we ready to march with their mantle glowing even brighter? We have spent thousands of years writing “Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara” at every possible nook and corner. The fact that we have to keep that repeating, shows that we have still not learnt the fundamentals. We are happy/content singing “Vande-Mataram” or “Saare Jahan Se Acchha” with elan during Government Holidays (Holidays have they become) and then again go back to watching “pornographic mails” and “sattebaaji” on Dhoni’s batting (few also pronounce it as betting).
    So what do we have to give to the future – devoured resources, lots of cash and hollow characters??? The wise often say “Prepare the field before the rains come”. Are we preparing ourselves?



  23. Rajeev Tewari Avatar
    Rajeev Tewari

    Then why Civil society is talking with Govt.. What makes them think that Govt will ever bring this bill!!!? What is the point of continuing talks?… Best way is make the masses aware of all scams and wrong doings of Govt and ministers and see their response!!! Lets them decide. If still people accept them and vote for corrupt then I will think that my country is not fit to be a free sovereign state and probably Hitlar was right when he said “fostered class conflicts at the expense of national unity”!!!

  24. ssk Avatar

    All the govt. appointed ministers in the lokpal drafting committee are more or less have the same records. They are given the position to kill the bill half-way as they have more black money than others, just see whether any minister in the committee brought any new ideas on tackling corruption.

  25. Anil Avatar

    The well Carpeted truth has come out and hats of to you for taking him head on. it requires a courage and the recent episode has revived the lost valour in us indians.
    jai hind.

  26. pooja Avatar

    it is a well known fact dat dis govt is paying no heed to the crores of voices that are being raised and is instead inspite of being a part of democratic system using cruel autocratic ways to suppress the voices of the citizens i req the ppl to interpret the msg correctly and use their power of voting judiciously in these elections

  27. pooja Avatar

    its realy disheartening the way govt is responding to ppls protest i req ppl to understand that govts ideologies are not pure nd supportive to democracy it has started behaving autocratically pls use ur power to vote judiciously in these elections

    1. Vinoy Sinha Avatar
      Vinoy Sinha

      Chidambaram as finance Minister also overlooked the swiss Bank accounts of Hassan Ali, Vilasrao Deshmukh and Ahmed Patel.These facts should be put before the Lok Pal Committee by the members of the civil society so that he is not able to thwart the Jan Lko Pal Bill.

  28. Amita Avatar

    PC is clearly exposed. Now people know why PC is so sweet to IAC and Bharat Swabhiman Andolan. Most of the Congress ministers are corrupts and playing caste/religion based politics to divert people’s mind from the main issues the country has now.Congress is Anti-Hindu.I will say Congress is Anti-Muslim as well. They just play this to gain Muslim votes.But they do not think of welfare of people.NDTV, CNN IBN, Star news and most channels are paid channels by Congress..Shame to our Media which should be free from corrupt practices….

  29. Sandeep Avatar

    Congress for sure is making even supporters of Congress against it by indulging in opposing this greatest and noblest cause ever…..
    This is must if you want to retain talent in India…else keep on ruling people who do not understand tits or bits of society….

  30. Dinesh Chander Avatar
    Dinesh Chander

    P Chidambaram very shocked to know about. now I came to know why he was opposing a strong lokpal…cos that Lokpal will nail him….Shame on PC…PC down down…

  31. Sonia Gandhi Avatar
    Sonia Gandhi

    Please do not critise Chidambaram, whatever he is doing is for our party and we share everything we are getting. In fact we do make the black money white by various methods and it’s no more black. Moreover, we can’t live without black money now as we are used to. Chidambaram is our expert in making black money and we solely depend on him.

    1. deepak Avatar

      Mr. or Miss whoever u r i understand the frustration of common man against corruption & against our ploitical leaders but whatever u r doing by misusing someone’s name is not right. Please use ur own name. are you afraid of using ur own name or u want to misguide people by using someone else’s name. Be urself 🙂

  32. raja Avatar

    PC studied in Harvard or Stanford, dont remember exactly. The fact is during recession he was moved aside as Finance minister, only because our PM Dr.Honest Singh took over for some time along with the Pranab dada our economy was and stable. Or else great PC would have taken the whole nation into a deep deeper deepest shit. Yes, PC can do that.. But now we are abit balanced, sustained the recession. However, World is watching India and the CORRUPTISTS this land has breeded all these years and they are really afraid of investing in India. May be this is plus point for other countries, i dont know..!!

  33. Fidarose Isha Avatar
    Fidarose Isha

    Congress, the biggest scam-tainted corrupt party of all times.

    1. loyola Avatar

      PC Chidambaram is excellent at finding tax evaders amongst the poor citizenry. Now what we would like is that before even a single indian citizen is examined for Tax evasion . Each and every politician ,MLA, MP, and bureaucrat who has done dis-service to this country for the last 25 years should be raided and examined in the minutest detail for the wealth they & their beneficiaries ( corporates etc ) have acquired .Only once this exercise is complete and the money looted is put back in the govt exchequer and plans are implemented for improving the standard of life and services provided to citizens and once the govt goes back to governing instead of Looting raping the country and oppressing citizens with fear and redtape. Subsequently we should pay taxes . Believe me there is enough money to run the country without paying taxes , if wastage and looting was stopped ..there would be surplus . !! We can set an example to the world .

  34. shashi kant Avatar
    shashi kant

    coz all congresses r simply biggest corrupt people and most of the black money is accumulated by these people.

  35. Rakesh Avatar

    If true in the court of law n by investigating agency-Then the home minister should be arrested an put in same jail tihar

  36. Rahul Ghandhi Avatar
    Rahul Ghandhi

    हम क्या करे बोलो.. सबका अकाउंट स्विस बेंक में हैं …हमारे सारे खान -दान के अलावा आप किसी का क्यों नाम नही लेते हो..देखो हमारे खिलाप कोई आवाज नही उठावे ,,,किसी ने उठाई तो उसका हाल बाबा रामदेव जेसा होगा .. हमने मिडिया वालो को भी नोटिस दे दिया हैं अगर आना हजारे और बाबा रामदेव का कोई भी लाइव कवरेज किया तो आपकी दूकान बंद करदी जाएगी ..
    हम कोई आवाज उठाने नही देंगे ..जो हमारे वोट बैंक को नुक्सान करे

  37. Abhinav Avatar

    You must accept that this bill is fascist. That’s why I support the cause, but not the solution.

  38. Praveen varma Avatar
    Praveen varma

    I think we should collect the documentary evidance through RTI route of the above allegation and file an application in supreme court. I am sure that with this the Home Minister will also give the company to Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimozi etc etc.

    Let us do it fast.

  39. Anuj Avatar

    Is he the same politician who asked west to rule India economically. Did he tell to england that you rule India earlier and now I invite you to rule ecomically?

  40. abhishek Avatar

    chidambaram is one of the nice rapper covering the stinking shit of congress

  41. sushil Avatar

    I think no leader is corrupt.Only we people are corrupt as we are not united against corruption and letting corrupt people to grow and make the whole sytem corrupt.I we people want can put the corruption to end.

    1. om Avatar

      don’t use this word “Only we people are corrupt “…may be u r corrupt but don’t use this ugly word for others…..may be courruption word is sounds familiour for u.

  42. yeswanth Avatar

    1 cr assets really poor. That is why he like to use public money.

    If we can find his assets we can try to atleast defame just as govt did to baba ramdev

    He shd be more responsible than baba ramdev, as he himself declared he is greater than any civil society member.

  43. chakri Avatar

    because he believes soniagandhi & manmohansingh

  44. chakri Avatar

    because he is the man working under government & trying 2 save his ministry

  45. SA Avatar

    The media is definitely being biased in its coverage of Ramdev Baba and Anna Hazare.

  46. amit Avatar

    Agreed on every point,Chidambaram(loongi man) is corrupt to core and a true bastard and should be bring to justice.But I don’t think last charge is correct (killing of Azad, a naxalite),his killing was in national interest and I am sure he has no role to play in this since it was in National interests.

  47. Udayakumar Avatar

    PC may look like a Pansy in a lungi swaying his hips but he has a soul which is an exact reincarnation of Hitler. His scorn and belligerence and love for inflicting pain on others has no match but Adolf Hitler. He is the brain behind Indian scams and A Raja, Maran and Kannimozhy were just pawns

  48. true religion uk Avatar

    I agree with your statements. you can have a good see in true religion uk. I also like true religion uk very much.also make you satisfied.


    As I said earlier he valued his coffee estate in Coorg district karnataka @ rs 28 lacs
    @ this price you can have only 1.5 to 2 acres.Does any right thinking person would agree that for the sake of just 2 acres,a minister comes all the way from chennai to coorg ?If this is the correct price im ready to purchase it @28*2=56 lacs is he ready.

    1. arun agrawal Avatar
      arun agrawal

      Could you please give more details on Mr C undervaluing his coffee estate assets.

  50. sidhartha Avatar

    Simple bhai. Woh Bahut gyani hain. Lungi ka power dikhan chahte hain.

    But com on chidu, have already seen it with satyam raju.

  51. barathi Avatar

    He is NO.1 corrupted in india!!!!!… both Congress and Chidambaram……

  52. junghare Avatar

    i thnik in indian most of the time congress ruled india, then they have more reposposiblie for currption and only and only maximum currupt govt. is in inida only congress. they are not believe to come back black money

  53. Venkat Avatar

    If we combine the black money generated by these basterds, we can buy US and Euope at once….isn’t it becoz of people like these durty politicians that our Indian nation is still a 3rd world !! We have to put en end to it….It has to stop now otherwise it will never end.

  54. bharath Avatar

    Chidambaram is an old cunning Fox. His ass is on fir now.He cant protect it with his Dhoti

  55. Tester Avatar

    A nice way to increase web traffic to your site..but you could also add any investigation on Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddy? He too was accused of numerous charges..

    1. Ranita Avatar

      Yes Yeddys time will come but now its Chidoo time to face the music. Not only is he strongly opposing the the Jan Lokpal Bill but he got the sleeping activists lathi charged at the Ram Lila Maidan. Imagine how deep corruption has seeped and you want to protect this bugger??

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  57. MKK MENON Avatar

    It is high time that the 1.2 crore people of India is aware of the total corruption happening in the country in the name of Democracy. Majority of the politicians are involved in the racket. The country should put a stop to this and throw away all the polilticians involved .

  58. Krishna Avatar

    We should not loose the focus …..by blaming one and othe …..WE NEED JAN LOKPAL BILL.
    And if it does not cover pm ,mps and judges it will be meaningless

  59. Eagleeye47 Avatar

    The C party is the fountain-head of most evils in India….
    They could have done great good for the Indian people …but instead relied on smooth talking & hypocrisy to fool most Indians in the absence of a reliable & strong opposition.
    They totally abhor Transparency & act in the manner of the erstwhile Rajas’ maybe worse still compared to some of them. Chidambaram is one of the craftiest amongst the lot.

    Time for all Indians to rise & demand all much awaited ‘Reforms’.

  60. Dinesh Mangal Avatar
    Dinesh Mangal

    The problem is we always go after the Dog which is kept the the Employer who is the Owner of the – One has to see that the Employer is the person responsible for the MisDeeds. It is a general rule that a DisHonest or Corrupt Individual employs a Honest Person, so that, on the face of it, the Employer SEEMs Honest.

    The telecom scam was started when the CDMA Licences were given, when a two operator norm was the Regulation (for every circle).

    The Number Portability was also Introduced and dragged for so many years, to implement, because, the MEW OPERATORS who were given the licences on DeMerits, would be able to pull customers who were Unwilling to discontinue their existing numbers

  61. Shruti Avatar

    kapil sibal reacted same as he did earlier in case when baba ramdev was in delhi. on one hand sibal is saying that all is well and we come over a consensus, on other hand members of civil society are still not satisfied about the formation of core committee of members of LOKPAL , which govt. wants to design favourable to them.

    sibal is clever and there is a saying that ‘ jyada chalak admi goo khata hai’.

  62. breathable bumper Avatar
    breathable bumper

    Terrific blog post, much of the material was fairly worthwhile.

  63. Ranita Avatar

    Its a very serious situation. We will never have a strong Jan Lokpal Bill against corruption, as long as tainted seniors of the Congress are not tackled. Indians must unite and continue to demand astrong act. Those who oppose this, I want to ask, are you happy that Indias image has taking a beating?? Our opponents must be laughing at our embarrasing situation. Those who are upset, pls join the movement against corruption, even if it makes you miss a day or two from work.

  64. Ranita Avatar

    You cannot have a Home Minister who is so corrupt. The security of our country is under this crook, he must be removed from his post. Who knows he might sell the secrets of the country to our enemies.

  65. Chidambaram was Never an Elected Representative Avatar

    Chidambaram Never Won Election and did Election Fraud to come into power. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCBT_hxPwwM