Letter reveals Maoists’ plan to kidnap Latehar DC, Jharkhand MP


Recent reports in the media have suggested that top Maoist leader Mupalla Lakshman Rao alias Ganapathy has instructed his cadres to do everything they can to get their jailed leaders out (breaking in or obtaining bails).

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) General Secretary, in his letter, to the his party leaders has expressed concern about a number of senior leaders being killed or picked up by the security forces, a Hindustan Times report stated.

Meanwhile, another interesting development in Jharkhand indicates that Maoists are indeed getting restless and are planning targeted actions to free their leaders from jails.

A team comprising Jharkhand Police and Intelligence Bureau men raided Rudra Hotel in Daltonganj on September 13. The team had information that Toofanji (Click here to read more on Toofanji), the Bihar Jharkhand Special Area member of Maoists, was staying there. The Maoist leader was not at the hotel at the time of the raid and the security forces got hold of some literature and a letter reportedly written by Toofanji and addressed to Central Committee member Bikash.

The most important part of the letter is on page 2, wherein the Naxal leader states that Latehar District Collector (DC) Aradhna Patnaik will be officially visiting Mahutand village for a field survey in October. The letter states that a person working with the DC is in touch with them and that the Maoists should kidnap her before October 15. The plan is to demand release of their leaders (Shyamlalji, Navinji, Comrade Indrajeet) jailed in Daltonganj jail.

What comes in the letter after this is even more explosive.

The letter further states that if their plan to get their leaders released does not succeed even after kidnapping the DC, then they will arrange a meeting with a Member of Parliament from Jharkhand who is sympathetic to them and has even helped them financially at times. According to the letter, their plan is to call the MP at an agreed location and kidnap him from there.

Toofanji also urges his party comrades to avoid using mobile phones for communicating with each other as their phones were being tapped. The letter urges them to use letters to communicate.

Read the letter below:

Letter reveals Maoists’ plan to kidnap Latehar DC, Jharkhand MP by The Canary Trap

4 thoughts on “Letter reveals Maoists’ plan to kidnap Latehar DC, Jharkhand MP

  1. for me its not new, because, the place where i belong from also naxalite area, and many times i heard that naxal is planning to target government officials. one day i saw that how naxal kidnapped a station master for ransom. in my area many they looted villagers and shopkeepers. If you go beyond that then you get that many times they do this only for money. but some times they have pressure from their boss, and some time they try to missguide the administration.

  2. Good story.i belong to Chatra which is notorious for Naxalites. Though I seldom visit the village huntergunj but whenever I go I have a feeling of insecurity as if I am living in an alien place.police can’t move after 5 pm vehicles stop plying after it is dark,and extremists roam freely.bdos and cos ,the local representatives of govt.,are allowed to live at dist headquarters.no officer or engineer visits any village to supervise any work or to monitor mgnrega,pds system,other welfare schemes.the work quality is worst ,the commission is nearly 40 percent ,no janta durbar ,no inspection …….it is a liberated area,and the real govt is area commanders of mcc,tpc etc etc

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