MNS’s rowdy act in Maharashtra Assembly

Just a few days back the nation observed the 25th death anniversary of late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. While all media channels were competing with each other to portray her as India’s greatest leader, almost no one highlighted the lesson that should have been learnt from her violent death. One of the prime reason of her unfortunate assassination was her strategy of creating Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale to marginalise the influence of the Akalis.

The Congress Party, it seems, has not learnt the lessons of history. By giving a long rope to Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Chief Raj Thackeray and his goons the party hoped to marginalise the Shiv Sena. The strategy worked well as the results of the recently concluded state assembly polls showed. But the grand old party has failed to realise that it has created a Frankenstein’s monster.

The MNS leader and his violent cadres have repeatedly taken law and order in their hands in the last two years. But the Congress-NCP combine did not take any strong action against him, letting him raise the issues Shiv Sena raked up in the past and hence cutting into its votebank.

The media too is responsible for giving huge air time and print space to Raj. The leading editors of national news channels lined up outside the door of Raj Thackeray for getting his “EXCLUSIVE” interviews. Instead of taking on his divisive politics and the game the Congress-NCP combine was playing by giving him a long rope, the media highlighted him as some sort of a visionary leader.

The goonda act that the MNS legislators displayed in the Maharashtra Assembly today is a blot on the democracy. There have been many such shameful acts in the state assemblies across the country in the past, but preventing an elected MLA from taking oath and physically harming him in the assembly is a new low the Indian politics has fallen to. The Congress-NCP are also to be blamed for the incident as it is because of their incompetency that things have come this far.

Playing such opportunistic and short-sighted political policy is not exclusive to the Congress Party only. Presently, even Mamata Banerjee is playing the same game in West Bengal. By supporting and taking help from the Maoists, she hopes to dislodge the decades old Left Front government in West Bengal. While, the Central government is ready with a battle-plan to taken on the Maoists across the country, one of its senior cabinet minister is covertly using the Maoists to fight a political battle against the CPI-M in West Bengal.

It is said that “those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.” But the Indian politicians have never learnt anything from history. They are busy playing opportunistic politics, which is harming the country immensely.

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