Arvind Kejriwal: From activist to ultimate don of Indian Politics

“Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power – Bertrand Russell


He did manage to fool all of us for a pretty long time, didn’t he? Here, then is first in the series unmasking this charlatan of Indian politics who is more corrupt than even the Ambani that he accuses of being corrupt!

Arvind Kejriwal (K hereinafter) transformation from a person asking embarrassing questions of the entrenched political establishment during the Anna movement to that of the inaccessible mafia Don attired in white inciting his goons to assault a 90-year-old upholder of democratic values, a former law Minister and the conscience of the party came as a shock to many. This transformation of K from a leader who started out as a social activist, then turned into a political activist only to betray the ideals of the movements by becoming a despot, in such a short time, is unprecedented in the history of movements.

What was Shanti Bhushan’s fault to have deserved this treatment from this K of Indian politics? Is trying to uphold the first principles of democracy (decision by majority) and opposing the degeneration of value based politics reason enough for this Don to incite his cronies to assault him?

This K was too young to have experienced that part of history in which Shanti Bhushan had become the symbol of opposing the dictatorship of Indira Gandhi. He ensured that the clauses of the Constitution upholding democracy remained intact. It all started with him proving in a Court of Law that the then PM had adopted corrupt means in winning her election, vigorously arguing the Habeas Corpus case, and ending with effectively repealing the 42nd amendment of the Constitution as Law Minister.

K, therefore could not comprehend that Shanti Bhushan by opposing his dictatorial ways in the Party was merely being consistent in his thoughts, words and actions. K could not expect him to sacrifice his democratic principles and be a mute spectator to K’s personal political ambition by adopting every unfair means.

K wanted dictatorial powers within the party. Shanti Bhushan opposed it. In a telling email in July 2014 Shanti Bhushan was prophetic in what he wrote to K:

Till some time back I had a lot of respect for you and always thought that you were inspired with lofty motives and were prepared to make any sacrifice for the country and its people. After watching your recent actions I am getting convinced that you are a totally selfish person only with a selfish personal agenda. You only believe in using and exploiting people only for your self-advancement I now believe that Aruna Roy (was) rightly believed that you only exploited her for your own ends and did not give her due credit for work in the Right to Information campaign. You have no belief in the concept of Swaraj. You have convinced yourself that any achievements in Anna Andolan or in the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party was solely your personal achievements which is nowhere near the truth.

Did you even have the capacity to draft the Jan Lokpal Bill? Could you have even launched the Anna Andolan without Anna or his Gandhian image. You did not have even the rudimentary knowledge of law much less constitutional law to be in a position to make any worthwhile contribution in the joint drafting committee.


All committees are only showpieces to defraud the people and throw dust into their eyes to create the illusion that our party is a great democratic party in which decisions are taken collectively.

K responded with the usual feigned old world sentimentality but Shanti Bhushan, the lawyer was not taken in. He wrote back:

Your email is looking like a carbon copy of your email to Anna and cannot be taken seriously unless your actions show that you actually continue to believe in the concept of a democratic party…..

You must remember that the main objective of the Aam Aadmi Party is to spread the message of clean and ideal politics all over India rather than winning an election and making somebody a Chief Minister. You must also agree to always abide by the majority views hereafter.

This is the proof (if proof was required) of the clash between K, the dictator and Shanti Bhushan, the democrat. The clash was between power by any means to using correct means and keeping the faith of the masses who had supported the party in large numbers.

The breaking point was complete at the time of the selection of candidates for the Delhi election. Moneybags, defectors and criminal elements were given tickets by K. 23 of the 70 candidates selected had criminal cases against them as against 21 selected by the Congress and 27 by the BJP. The rest was going through the motion of the formal breakup.

To Shanti Bhushan, K had betrayed the movement and worse the principles of democracy. To K, Shanti Bhushan had betrayed the party by (honestly) ranking the three contenders for the post of Chief Minister of Delhi. According to K, he should have lied and rated him as the best. Only people who did not know the truth about K (as most did not), would disagree with that ranking. People may differ in their ideology but they know who is a gentleman politician and who is a rogue politician.

Shanti Bhushan did not endorse the rival party or the candidate. He refused to meet Kiran Bedi who thought that she could capitalise on it politically. Shanti Bhushan knows the proprieties of life while placing the truth in the public domain. The classic example was the manner in which he placed in public domain the issue of corruption at the highest level in the judiciary. The Supreme Court, Bar Association or the Bar Council did not expel him for it, did they!

For the Chadda’s of the world to accuse him of acting on behalf of the BJP is an example of how some of these upwardly mobile youngsters will sell their soul to ingratiate themselves with their Supremo. He does not know the history of Shanti Bhushan’s split with the BJP and does not deserve to be educated.

Another rehabilitated ex-spokesperson was used to blame Shanti Bhushan for the failure of the compromise formula by ratting on a single out of context private conversation (I do not know if it is even true) but failing to see the logic behind the kameena video of his Supremo as the deal breaker! Did K want a compromise? That video is what K is and is really stands for: The ultimate K of Indian politics!

As to the question raised by this K in his Don ka speech at the time of setting his goons on Shanti Bhushan: Why is he in the Party, the simple answer was: Did K consider him fit to be anything in the party?

Shanti Bhushan by accident continued to remain as one among the 350 odd members of the National Convention by virtue of being a founder member of the AAP party. K had anticipated that he would be a stumbling block to his future political ambition and had insured that he be kept away from all the committees by inserting a clause that only one member from a family could find representation in these committees.

Hence being a father of Prashant Bhushan was a handicap while the same handicap did not apply when his services were utilised for the drafting committee of the Lokpal Bill. It was not nepotism when he represented him and the party in court on at least 20 different occasions inspite of his age.

If individual merit exists between persons who are relatives it is never nepotism, favouring one’s old friends and henchmen to key posts in the party irrespective of merit is.

Shanti Bhushan was the ultimate benefactor for the Party. He gave credibility to K and the party. If he resisted the non-democratic manner in which the party was functioning then he was being true to his past. To set goons to assault is not how you treat elders who have had your goodwill at heart, had given you unstinted support, wrongly compared you with Obama, had drafted the Lokpal Bill, had negotiated with the government in the Lokpal drafting committee etc. The gesticulation of K in the video without his saying anything to restrain the advancing goons is the defining moment for the Don. He was after all the Don. To make the victim feel threatened that his life is in danger is what Don is all about. Mission accomplished, flunkies to clear the mess, time to move on. One must admit, this Don had style!

Mr K in his speech gloated over his victory in the elections. The swagger and the arrogance of victory was there for all to see. We have come to win and those who want to lose can join them, K thundered. End justifies the means and to hell with the means! Gloat not Mr K, that victory was obtained by promising the biggest bribe in the history of Indian elections. The bribe with interest will be paid by the future generation. We will see how the cookie crumbles on that. But more on it in the next article.

The sacking of the Lokpal

The people of this country are witness to the fact that K has no commitment towards Lokpal, that he conveniently used it to bolster his CV on being an anti-corruption crusader, that he used it to resign from power to fulfil a larger political ambition, that he did not even care to place the bill that was introduced in the Assembly in the public domain. K did not follow the only Lokpal (of the party) that came into existence while taking action against senior members of the party who differed with him on account of his dictatorial functioning by referring their disciplinary cases to the Lokpal. He prevented the Lokpal from attending the Party’s National Convention to witness his Don like performance. Ultimately K unceremoniously booted him out from the post in defiance of the rules relating to the appointment of the Lokpal.

And who was this Lokpal? He was a 90-year-old Admiral who had served the nation with distinction. His daughter while working with the Ford foundation had helped with funds for the unregistered NGO, of which K’s present deputy CM was a co- partner. Unfortunately how that money was spent and what was achieved is not in the public domain.

Accusation against K of using and abusing people

K, you do not treat people with the dignity that they deserve. You use them to realise your personal ambitions. You feel that they should be grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve you. You do not respect their time, show no gratitude and ultimately abuse them. In fact your statement in that Don ka speech that there were plenty of people, doctors, chartered accountants and other professionals who are willing to serve you for free is an admission of that mind-set. That was also a not-too-subtle message to those professionals whom you were expelling from the party. It was also not a coincidence that the word lawyer was not mentioned in the various categories of professionals that you recounted. You would do well to remember that any professional who knows his subject matter and has self-respect will not join you. It is for this reason that no noteworthy person of repute is left in the party and all that you have is hangers on of nowhere people attracted by the political power that has come your way by betraying a movement.

Mr K, on a personal note, I too have been at the receiving end of the use and abuse approach of yours. You had me abused at IIM Bangalore. You used my write-up for the hugely successful press conference on Reliance/Mukesh Ambani on the KG gas pricing issue. Because of the success of the press conference, you requested me on three different occasions to shift to Delhi. Your agenda was to use me as an ongoing source of providing material on financial scams. I could see through that agenda and refused as you were not honest in exposing scams. You merely sensationalised corruption issues sourced from others. In fact you have no track record on exposing any type of financial scams. All you do is plagiarises material of others or material that has long been in the public domain and then boast that it is your own. Khemka exposure on Robert Vadra is a typical case in point. After using the expose you gave a ticket to the officer who did the cover up against Khemka and then resigned to fight the election! Incidentally, the gold plating of cost of KG gas basin had been taken up by Tapan Sen (MP) since 2008 and you have adopted it as your discovery for fighting Mukesh Ambani.

Myth about K being a crusader against corruption while serving in the Income tax Department:

K often refers in sundry speeches that he was a Commissioner of income tax and could have made any amount of money (black) had he continued serving there and there was no need for him to give up his job to take up the people’s crusade.

K knows that he is embellishing his bio-data to impress the ignorant. He was not even a joint Commissioner of income tax let alone a Commissioner and would require two more promotions to become one. But then that is a minor aberration in his series of tissues of convenient lies.

The larger point is that the Income Tax is perceived as the one of the most corrupt departments in the country. Some opt for it in preference for the IAS to make money. Yet, this paragon of honesty failed to name one income tax commissioners as corrupt either orally or in writing in the 10-15 years that he served in the Income Tax department. He also did not name anyone as corrupt when he left the Department. How many large income tax evasion cases did he unearth? How many corrupt subordinate income tax officers were charge sheeted by him? The frequent number of times an officer is transferred is an index of his honesty. How often was he transferred? Had remained in the NCR forever!

Contrast that with the track record of Shanti Bhushan who while practising in the Supreme Court gave in a sealed cover the names of past Chief Justices of India who had been corrupt? He went on to state that the majority of the Chief Justices during that period had been corrupt? That number was 9 CJI out of 16!

Mr K, you were a part of the corrupt system and did nothing to reform it. You played along. Shanti Bhushan did not.

Mr K you cannot get away by insulting and abusing the very same people that have helped you. These are icons of society who have fought corruption and cherished the values of democracy like none have. They have a track record.

You too have a track record: That of only making allegation, inciting the masses, bribing the electorate and using every low means that politicians use to acquire power.

Mr K, you have abused the trust of the civil society, the activists, the patriots, the electorate, the young and old idealists, NRI/PIO population abroad who trusted you and contributed funds in large measure.

There are costs to be paid and I assure you that these costs will be paid. You have fooled too many people for too long.

You have been challenging many a people for a one to one debate.

Having fought 9 cases against RIL in different courts, having authored a book ‘Reliance the Real Natwar’, I too challenge you to a debate on corruption. Anytime, anywhere! The topic is: Arvind Kejriwal is a far greater threat to Indian democracy than Mukesh Ambani/Reliance.

My next article will be a comparison of the two, as I know exactly what your strategy is and what you are up to.

Incidentally, K, those who have been busting scams were able to decipher you much in advance. Y P Singh, the ex-IPS officer as early as October 2012 in a well televised press conference compared you to Hitler, a fact that others have woken to two and a half years later!

I may not be a Don but I too bust scams. Even when it involved a stoolpigeon in the order of the Hon’ble Apex Court.

(Arun Agrawal is the author of the book Reliance: The Real Natwar. The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Canary Trap or any employee thereof)

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  1. Maj Gen VK Singh Avatar
    Maj Gen VK Singh

    Congratulations, Arun, for the hard hitting article. LIke you, I have been pained by the manner in which Shantiji and Prashant Bhushan have been treated. By throwing them out of the party, the AAP has lost its think tank. The way Admiral Ramdas was treated was equally shocking.

    As you have predicted, they will pay for their sins.

  2. Dr. S. K. Gupta Avatar
    Dr. S. K. Gupta

    Erudite, effective and excellent communication. AK seems to be in suicide mode. ‘Vinashakale Biparita Buddhi’.

    Dr. S.K. Gupta

  3. TP Radhakrishnan Avatar
    TP Radhakrishnan

    An authentic rebuttal of the false and pretentious claims of Arvind Kejriwal throughout his career to depict himself as the avatar of virtues! It is obvious that none need to expose him: already he stands exposed on his virulent claims of inner-democracy and the principles of Swaraj – by his recent authoritarian acts of commission and omission in not only expelling Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the PAC/NE of AAP, but also maligning the mighty old warrior – Shanti Bhushan (who had successfully fought with the former PM Indira Gandhi and succeeded in dethroning her during the 70’s) for his frank remarks of wisdom. Due to his own autocratic and self-promoting actions, he will be doomed to fail. Let us pray that Delhi is safe in the next five years, in spite of cranky Kejriwal!

  4. Amitouj K Pannu Avatar
    Amitouj K Pannu

    I hope and wish people would see the truth soon!!

  5. Digvijay Avatar

    Dear Arun pained after reading u r article… Every movements give birth to lot of leaders but some of the facts that u kept are equally true also ( reg income tax and name)?

    Question is …is janta really analytical and at times they are …….general election vs Delhi election

    Party is made by volunteers were they analytical in there approach
    Politics is also understanding and hitting ground realities before beuracracy .wakes up….guess janta is slowly awakening for what I get and could be extremely polarised for what I can have rather than how system can run(free bites).

  6. Hari singh Avatar
    Hari singh

    Excellent piece of total truth. Sadly Indian masses always get taken for Ride.

  7. Prafulla Deshmukh Avatar
    Prafulla Deshmukh

    Dear Arun Agrawal
    Congrats for documenting the other Face of AK . It is often said that one can fool some people for some time but Arvind Kejriwal want’s to fool all the people for all times. This may prove an eye opener for AK let us wish he improves and mends his way or one day all mighty Hitler also got buried AK must remember

  8. ज्ञानेन्द्र अवस्थी Avatar
    ज्ञानेन्द्र अवस्थी

    अरविन्द पार्टी को बपौती बनाने की योजना पर अन्ना आंदोलन से ही योजनाबद्ध रहे हैं।
    1- लोंगो पर आरोप के लेबल लगाना और लात मारना।
    2- लोंगों के मनोविज्ञान को समझ कर ऐसे कृत्य करना कि लोग स्वयं ही किनारे हट जाएँ। ऐसा कई लोंगों के साथ हुआ है।
    3- बहुत से मूर्धन्य लोंगों को इस क्रांति की उम्मीदों के साथ जुड़ने से रोकने के प्रयास भी सतत किये गए।
    4- पार्टी की नीतियों पर जो निर्णय कांस्टिटूशन क्लब की पहली राष्ट्रीय परिषद् की बैठक में लिए गए थे उनको चालाकी से जमीन के अंदर गड़ा देना।
    5- पार्टी की आर्थिक नीतियां बिलकुल वही होना जो कांग्रेस और बीजेपी की हैं। जो कि एक कॉर्पोरेट एजेंडा ही है। जिन नीतियों से सकल राष्ट्रीय पूँजी और संसाधनों पर 100-500 लोंगों का कब्ज़ा। जबरदस्त आर्थिक असमानता का लगातार बढ़ते जाना। बाकी जनता को वेतन गुलामी की जंजीरों में जकड़ कर उनके जीवन का आर्थिक शोषण की योजना का हिस्सा आप भी हो गई जो हम सभी के लिए अकल्पनीय रहा है।

    जब सभी पार्टियों की आर्थिक नीतियां एक ही हैं। जब सभी पार्टिया व्यक्ति केंद्रित और अलोकतांत्रिक ही हैं तब जनता का एजेंडा ही बलि चढ़ता है और कॉर्पोरेट एजेंडा ही आगे बढ़ता है।

    हमारें हज़ारों क्रन्तिकारी साथियों का 4 साल के बलिदान का रक्त पी कर फिर से एक भष्मासुर का ही पैदा होना अनायास नहीं है। ये योजनाबद्ध ढंग से हुआ है।

    बाकी फिर कभी।

    मनुष्यता के कारवां का एक साथी।

    ज्ञानेन्द्र अवस्थी।

  9. arvind Avatar

    very one sided article only showing your hatred towards AK

    My questions for you:

    1) Where is the proof the goons were present at the NC meeting ?? And they harassed SB ?? Ramzan chaudhary said the next day all his wounds were emotional ?? Means there was no physical contact. SB & PB , YY claim to speak for the volunteers but the same volunteers are called bouncers ??

    2) How was SB upholding the democratic values of the party by blackmailing AK that he would go to the media if he did not resign as convener ?? Is SB asking AK to resign just bcoz he does not like him ” democratic decision by majority ” ??

    3) Was he a Conscience keeper when he said Kiran bedi & Ajay maken are better choices ?? BJP & congress with 70 bad candidates & unknown funding are better than AAP just bcoz 6 candidates of AAP were dodgy ?? This not giving an honest opinion, this is just spewing hatred.

    4) Was AK a dictator when accepted the decision to contest 400+ seats taken by SB, YY & PB despite their voices being minority ??

    5) Candidate selection has always been like from 2013, even in 2013 there were defectors (binny, MS dhir (bjp), Rajesh garg(cong)) & local bigshots (koli) etc
    Read this blog, by former founder member to read how AAP was dodgy from the beginning ?? Why didn’t PB protest then ?? as long as PB & YY were sharing the power they had no problems with ideals being compromised ??

    I feel that YY & PB & sb wanted total control of the party, would have taken control of the party if AK had lost the election, fortunately AK won and avoided a coup. Every story has 3 perspective has your, mine & the truth…:)

  10. Vijay Dixit Avatar
    Vijay Dixit

    Excellent article… just loved it…clears so many things.. i wish i could see AAP without these kind of persons

  11. Nileshwar Avatar

    ha ha, all useless waste of time in writing such a lengthy piece. AK wanted politicial power through his movement. He got that in Dec 2013, but eyed a bigger power of PM. When he failed miserably in getting to PM seat, he tried his best to get back CM seat which he himself had thrown away. The unethical means used in Feb 2015 elections (mainly a neat copy of vote bank politics of Congress & other regional parties) got him 67/70 seats & he became CM again. Now that he has achieved the power for 5 full years, why should he care about clean image? After all, the clean image was shown to get power which he did. Now back to common Indian political system. His wife will become Rajya Sabha member soon, and he may even bring his daughter as cabinet minister in Delhi govt!!! ONLY KARMA CAN CATCH WITH HIS CONMAN & NOTHING ELSE.

  12. Puran chand. Avatar
    Puran chand.

    i fully agree with your article.

  13. Anis Khan Avatar
    Anis Khan

    Good article an eye opener

  14. Abu Prasad Avatar

    intrguing article – arrogant, biased, self-congratulatory, brimming with blind faith & historically prismatic.

    “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.”

    Another quote from Ol Bertie – worth considering.

  15. snehal Avatar

    Thank you very much for this eye-opening article…

  16. Mayur Avatar

    Another activist looking to even scores.Not Surprising !! This article is filled with half-truths.Arvind was Joint Commissioner of IT.It can be verified on the IT website.If you want to see a screenshot ,send me a mail on [email protected].
    Basically the Author is pissed that he did not get credit for the exposes he had done against Reliance.There is not a single allegation or proof of corruption by Arvind in the article.The Guy does not even have the courage to use Arvind’s full name and goes on calling him Mr.K….For heaven’s sake !! What do you think ? He is going to file a defamation case against you ? lol…Grow up man.I have evidence that the Lokpal by the name of Admiral Ramdas falsely absolved Mr.Mayank Gandhi (Mumbai) falsely from his Chira bazzaar-zaveri bazaar Cluster Redevelopment scam case.If you want proof ,mail me on [email protected].

  17. NISHIT DESAI Avatar

    Fantastic , Arunji. As it is the near total monopoly on Delhi Assembly has given K massive power of arrogance and it seems that he is thinking of himself as an undisputed King. Sadly, the promises of freebies and subsidies made by him during the elections will make the Delhi Government financially crippled and it is doubtful whether the Delhi Government will be able to complete its full term despite a landslide majority.

    The sacking of highly respected luminaries along with so many exits from AAP has proved that the party itself is a failure and will not last long. Along with the Government , AAP itself will be dissolved before 2020.

  18. shivendra kumar dubey Avatar
    shivendra kumar dubey

    I am agree with you.

  19. AD Avatar

    Its always interesting to see the other side of the story. For all his shortcomings – I still believe that AK is not corrupt. For me that is way way better than any of the current crop of netas.

  20. Tarun Avatar

    Koi fayda hai aise articles likh kar….itna lamba likh diya koi bhakt bhi nhu padhega ise to

  21. Jeswanth Avatar

    Just another article/blog.

    As Arvind said, do you want to get fame write some bla bla….online.

    To me it looks like he wanted to sell his book Reliance: the real natwar.

    Take it easy guys…do something productive and useful for the country.

  22. anil chomattil Avatar
    anil chomattil

    There was no such serious allegation against Arvind Kejriwal,when efforts were being made to dislodge him from convenor post,just a year after the party was launched.Clearly the bhushan’s were impatient.
    On the contrary to what is written in this article,in fact it was the Bhushan’s who intended to use and throw Arvind Kejriwal after AAP tasted some sucess in Delhi.
    In Caravan Magazine article on Arvind Kejriwal,Bhushan’s gives all credit for Lokpal bill draft to Arvind,they themselves confess that it was Arvind who did all the work and they only gave expert advice.
    Even taking a political plunge was Shanti Bhushan’s idea and Arvind Kejriwal duly obeyed.However when AAP managed to make early gains,the Bhushan’s could not control their urge to take control of the party.

  23. Suman jain Avatar
    Suman jain

    Just a stupid analysis and totally biased. It has become fashion to write against AK to get attention. If you have not understood what harm sb and pb has done.something is wrong with your political before writing such long articles better understand what public want and if AMAN is doing that with honest intentions stop criticising him on flimsy matter. If want to satisfy yourself by criticising, criticise on the work AK and team is doing.

  24. SK Iyer Avatar
    SK Iyer

    “much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power” – most suitable to the rebels.