The Essar Tapes petition


Essar tapping and taping Reliance! Could the story get bigger!

The story involving two of the greatest icons of crony capitalism in India, Essar and Reliance, indulging in corporate espionage, wherein the former was tapping and recording conversation of the latter would be considered as one of the biggest stories of recent times.

The concerted cover up by the media bordering on blackout was shocking. However, those familiar with the transformation of the media from the fourth pillar to surrendering to cronyism were not too surprised except by the extent of the surrender.

This time media did not have the alibi of the EMERGENCY. Money and power were their only alibi and ally. The omnipresence of the nefarious capitalists in free media portends ill for the nation. Democracy can and has been subverted.

However, it is time that the reader and the viewer freed himself from the print and broadcast media. The Gas Swamis of the ‘The NATION WANTS TO KNOW’ fame have rendered themselves obsolete and irrelevant. Yes, “The nation knows!”

Barring Outlook and the India Today group, none stood up to be counted.

Here then is the copy of the petition filed before the Delhi High Court to let the nation know that it is no more dependent on the conventional media.

The petition shows that the petitioner lawyer, Suren Uppal, has shown remarkable maturity in acting responsibly in the filing of the petition and eschewing the temptation for sensationalism.

Click here to read the petition

(Arun Agrawal is the author of the book Reliance: The Real Natwar. The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Canary Trap or any employee thereof)