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Wikileaks Cablegate

Wikileaks expose UPA's cash-for-votes deal

Congress Party’s troubles are increasing with each passing day as new revelations from whistleblowing websites suggest the party spent around Rs 50-60 crores (about $25 million) in buying the MPs’ support for the crucial Indo-US Nuclear Deal vote in the Lok Sabha in 2008.

Mubarak: Divide and Be Conquered

Hosni Mubarak clearly doesn’t [care] about the pleads[sic] of the brave Egyptians protesting in Tahrir Square. This demo[nstration] was not only a call for regime change. It was a revolt against the diseases of despair and helplessness that Egyptians have been inflicted by for decades.

Egyptian Police: A manner of treason

As the police continue in their treason, people continue to defend their homes. Even valiant officers who were given indefinite leave from the force join the ranks of people and help defend the neighborhoods as citizens. The police failed the people but more than that it failed policemen.

Internet and Egypt protests

Hashtags #jan25 #cairo and #egypt are following the latest protest on twitter. Police followed the progress of the set up of the protests using Twitter and Facebook.

Why I protest: A view from Egypt

The world is silent, watching, waiting as a media blackout takes control of Egyptians. Governments like vultures watch and wait for an outcome, condemning weakly by voice, and not at all through action.

Egypt protests: Eyewitness account from Cairo

The first of the marches began Tuesday around noon. We received news from twitter and Facebook about where exactly protesters were marching in Cairo.

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