PMO, Rajnath Singh and rumours

The controversy surrounding Rajnath Singh and his son being called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and confronted with evidence of “improper conduct” is refusing to die down. The details of the rumoured incident were already being discussed in the power circles even before the media started reporting about it.

While Rajnath Singh pointed towards internal rivalry within the party for this controversy, the inside details of the entire episode paints an altogether different picture.

According to top sources in the government, a team has been formed in the Intelligence Bureau on the direction of National Security Adivsor Ajit Doval to track activities of ministers and people around them. The objective is to have a parallel feedback mechanism for the PMO on the activities of the people running the government.

Recently, this team reported to the PMO of another case of a senior minister in the Modi government, an ally from a North Indian state, getting Rs 40 lakh for clearing a proposal. The son of this minister, who is also a Member of Parliament, was approached by a business group and he got the work done through his father. The IB team decided to raid the residence of the minister where the cash was kept but the PMO intervened and the father-son duo got a call to meet the PM. Both of them were confronted with the facts and they were in a state of shock. The PM let them go with a warning to desist from such wrongdoings in the future.

So who leaked the details of these ministers being called by the PM? Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, another senior minister from the BJP too is said to be unhappy with the lack of opportunities to make money. He went and complained to another senior minister about how even small projects (less than Rs 100 crores) are being sent to Cabinet for clearance.

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