#Yearender 2012: CT posts that created buzz

A very happy and a prosperous 2013 to all the readers of Canary Trap. As we enter the new year, we bring you the top 10 posts of 2012 from different categories (Corruption, Politics, Security and Intelligence, History, Media Analysis, World News).

Canary Trap has done a number of stories for external media houses in 2012. We have covered a range of issues like Corruption in the Indian Armed Forces, Coal Scam, Indian Politics, and Black Money among others.

So, here are Canary Trap’s top 10 posts of 2012: .

1. Why is Gen (Retd) VK Singh being targeted?

Series of posts on the real story behind the entire age-row episode of former Army Chief Gen VK Singh. This eBook is a compilation of posts on the issue. DOWNLOAD EBOOK

2. Indian vote at UN notwithstanding, Syria not falling soon

The removal of Assad, an Alawi (moderate variant of Shiaism) would result in power being distributed among the majority Sunni population of Syria. An enlargement of Sunni power has become an article of faith with the Saudi regime. READ MORE…

3. Why not sell the Taj, when we can do it with Mumbai airport?

Have you recently heard any jokes about selling Taj Mahal to foreign tourists? No? Not lately? That is because people don’t joke about that nowadays. Reason: you can almost do it now. Sell the Taj, that is. READ MORE…

4. Why did AAI officials not deposit Kingfisher’s cheques earlier?

Are you afraid of bouncing a cheque? Most of us are afraid of arrest and prosecution under the Negotiable Instruments Act. But Dr Vijay Mallya and his executives at Kingfisher Airlines are not, evidently. READ MORE…

5. Corruption in Armed Forces: Sort out the Generals first

The fish rots at the head first. So it is with the Armed Forces. (In this piece, Generals also include Admirals and Air Marshals. There are many more corrupt Generals than the latter two, hence the generalization). To win the war on corruption, the country needs to sort out the Generals first. READ MORE…

6. Wanted! Service Chiefs with Balls

What do you say about an Army Chief who calls a recent suicide of a jawan as a “minor incident”? What do you say about a Navy chief who drags the other two Chiefs to a Committee of Secretaries to discuss pay and pension anomalies? What do you say about an Air Force Chief who consistently has no opinion on any pressing issue and is more fit for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum? READ MORE…

7. Revealed: Why is Vadra exempt from airport security checks?

So why is Vadra exempted from frisking at airports despite being a civilian? Nobody had a clue till sometime ago when an RTI filed by a group called RTI Anonymous forced the Ministry of Home Affairs to explain why Vadra was being exempted from security checks at airports. READ MORE…

8. The Great Indian Loot

Iron Ore, Coal, Manganese, Thorium. A one stop digital resource (www.miningscam.com) to read/view/listen about all the relevant information related to mining mess. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE

9. Pranab Mukherjee, Omita Paul and corruption in Finance Ministry

What is the reason for the appointment of Paul in the number two position in the three key Ministries that Mukherjee has been a Minister. READ MORE…

10. CIC directs SEBI to disclose insider trading probe details

The Central Information Commission, in its order dated November 6, 2012, has directed the Securities and Exchange Board of India to disclose the names of entities which were allegedly involved in the insider trading of shares of Reliance Petroleum in 2007. READ MORE…

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