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Uttar Pradesh Polls

Portrait of a Muslim home in shadow of rising BJP colossus

The only role at this juncture for Indian Muslims in India’s electoral politics is to enable Hindu consolidation. This may not occur to the Muslim voter but this is the consequence of his politics.

Why Muslims decided to give Congress a drubbing?

There is obviously a deep anti-Congress mood in the country for which the party’s first family must share considerable blame.

Rushdie not a problem for Muslims but for politicians

The Maulana from the Darul Uloom seminary at Deoband who threatened the Jaipur Literary Festival with disruption, in case Salman Rushdie participated, is only the latest in a long list of spoilsports appointed by God.

In UP, keep your eyes on the Peace Party

Muslims are abandoning the Congress for a rapidly growing outfit called the Peace Party. The party has positioned itself not as a Muslim party but with Muslims, among others, in leadership positions.

The ‘white elephant’ of UP

Moreover, covering up statues of Mayawati are one thing, but the elephant? Is the EC really being serious? In similar vein, should we ensure that cycles, images of cycles, lotuses and their images at flower shops also be banned until the polls are done with?

Rahul will wait as president of ruling party or of Opposition?

The Congress sometimes divides itself into three coteries even though the principals, Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi are by themselves mostly in one huddle.

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