Sri Lanka releases pictures of Prabhakaran’s dead body

The Commander of the Sri Lankan Army, General Sarath Fonseka, has confirmed that LTTE chief Prabhakaran’s body has been found on Tuesday morning by the Lankan troops.

The terror chief’s body was found by the 53 Division troops led by Major General Kamal Goonarathne, Sri Lankan military sources said.

A Lankan military spokesman also said that Prabhakaran was in uniform and there were bullet wounds on his head.

Canary Trap brings you exclusive pictures of Prabhakaran’s body released by the Sri Lankan Army.

1. Sri Lankan troops surround Prabhakaran’s body.

Prabhakaran - 3

2. Sri Lankan army soldiers lifting the body of Prabhakaran.

Prabhakaran - 2

3. Prabhakaran’s body was recovered from the battlefield on Tuesday.

Prabhakaran - 1

Earlier, the Lankan military also released a photo of the body suspected to be of Prabhakaran’s eldest son, Charles Antony. According to the sources, Antony was the head of Information and Technology department of the LTTE.

Charles Antony - 1

The Lankan military claimed that they have positively identified 18 bodies of senior LTTE cadres. The list of identified LTTE leaders include:

  • Pottu Amman: LTTE’s Intelligence Wing Leader
  • Bhanu: LTTE military leader
  • Jeyam: LTTE military leader
  • B Nadesan: LTTE’s Political Head
  • S Pulidevan: Head of LTTE’s Peace Secretariat
  • Ramesh: LTTE special military leader
  • Ilango: LTTE Police Chief
  • Charles Anthony: Eldest son of LTTE chief V Prabhakaran
  • Sudharman: Aide to LTTE leader’s son
  • Thomas: Senior intelligence leader
  • Luxman: LTTE military leader
  • Sri Ram:  Senior Sea Tiger cadre
  • Isei Aravi: LTTE female military leader
  • Kapil Amman: LTTE deputy intelligence leader
  • Ajanthi: Female LTTE training in charge
  • Wardha: LTTE mortar in-charge
  • Pudiyawan: Secretary to the LTTE leader
  • Jenarthan: Special military leader

38 thoughts on “Sri Lanka releases pictures of Prabhakaran’s dead body


  2. One Prabhakaran may die, still there are thousand Prabhakaran waiting to emerge.

    Srilankan dogs started this war by doing severe injustice to TAMIL MINORITIES.Had there been equal rights for TAMILS n srilankans,such war would never have been started.

    Prabhakaran is the man of exceptional VALOR.

    I am not a Tamil,I am a Bangladeshi.


    Srilankan dogs will now keep barking.

    But, be calm & steady & re-organize n reinforce yourself.


    Its not about Tamils, but any other oppressed nation like Kashmiris/Sindhis/Balochis & others all over the world, its a question of justice that minorities must not be treated like dogs.

    Srilankans have to be taught a very good lesson.

    SO don’t be emotional, be steady, regroup & reorganize & attack those srilankan pigs at the optimum moment.


  3. We must not think bad of Praba – He could not enter main streem of politics because he was form a low cast ( fisherman) and uneducated.
    hence he selected the terror streak. People are to blame is the ones who went after him thinking he is capable. he only killed his own Tamils.

  4. this is sooooo bulll…
    no one can catch our leader
    hes going to live for 100 years
    this is soo bulll

  5. I think considering that we are rarely confronted with pictures of actual dead people it is easy to escape to the “Hollywood” image of a dead person. I wouldn’t discredit these pictures as fake that easily, if I were you.

  6. Technology super good …….. anyone can do any picture modification with photo shop software …… and clear the info of it too…… picture look so fake ……


  7. Prabakharan’s dead.

    Is it so hard to beleive? always said he would fight to the bitter end.

    The S.L. army might lie, photos might lie, but over time the evidence
    grows. These photos are a strong hint, so is the fact that the LTTE
    has been silent about thier leader.

  8. To know it’s fake or not, waiting for a picture from LTTE website. Then compare whether fake or not.

    If LTTE can put a video prabhakaran comment about what happened, it’s better.

    Now the situation for me still unclear.

    From: Independent viewer

  9. “no one can catch our leader”
    It’s comments like this that make moderate Tamils cover their face in shame. Prabhakaran has brought more misery and suffering to his own people than any Sinhalese because of this nonsense.

    A nation is weaker divided. Stronger united.

  10. this pic sure looks so faked up…one can very well see the diff btwn his son’s pic n his pic…initially it was said,the LTTE ppl were attacked by a rocket missile while they were ‘fleeing’ in an ambulance…y wud they hav to flee all of a sudden wen they r already excepting danger at any time???…n how wud they try to flee away so publicly wen they r surrounded by army ppl???…n now they say his body was found near a lagoon….
    am sure (hope?!?) he is very much alive….

  11. valvadhu tamilannaga erukatum <veeladhu tamilnaga erukatum
    we are with u prabhakaran u go head by tamulan

  12. It’s really ironic that the Sri Lankan army killed the head of the LTTE Peace Secretariat!

    I guess we know what Tamil Sri Lankans have to look forward to from a triumphant Sinhalese government!

    There’s an old slogan from the African American civil rights movement “NO JUSTICE – NO PEACE!”

    Sinhalese Sri Lankans should take note of that…..

  13. yes I completely agree with Tamil girl! I think it ia staged encounter of the chief and his troops. Doesn’t the son looks older than his father?

  14. Sri Lanka has finally been freed from the psycho mass murderor Prabhakran. I don’t know what those diaspora Tamils like you who funded terrorists to kill people indiscriminately have to say about this, but the poor Tamil people who had to suffer crualties of the LTTE are very happy that the war is over and the big tiger is dead.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves that you support a terrorist who was kidnaping your own Tamil children and brain washed them to be terrorists when they should be learning in school. You say that you are concerned about your people, but you don’t care baout them. You are just worried that your comfortable lives in western countries will come to an end because now that the war is over, they will kick you out to go home to Sri Lanka.

  15. Well I think he is dead. It was on the GTV news. He was shot down in Srilanka. It has got it everywhere in the Internet! Well he is not alive, I am not trying tot be rude! Lets see!!

  16. This is the 20th time srilanka is killing our leader, but this time they had learnt makeup lessons from Mr. Kamal Hasan it seems. Better luck next time.

  17. i am glad that bastard is dead i don’t know why anyone would make a self centered ignorant man as a leader why want you ask the innocent Tamils how he treated them the 1000’s of people he killed and the baby’s he left to die. if that a leader then we can find plenty of them. hope he goes to hell

  18. Thanks for Sri Lankan army for hhousand times
    regarding distroying Prabhakaran forever.

  19. hi, here is the end of the most dangerous era of terrorism in the history of terrorist. He is really the king of all terrorist but he has a blood path left behind him.

  20. I know very well that Prabhakaran is still alive, Prabhakaran is putting up in a very safe place and will bake with more power and troops.

  21. ok so for all the haters who hate prabhakaran…you guys have nothing better to do than to just talk bullshit…he’s alive whether you like it or not so just shut your mouth and face the fact..fuckin sinhalese bastard is killing innocent people and you guys are sitting down and talking bare shit eh…put it this way to all you sinhalese haters…how would you like it if you guys were the minority in srilanka and were being put in concentration camps and your family was being torn apart in the war…im pretty sure you guys would feel the same way if not worse so i suggest to all you shit talkers…shut your fucking mouth and im not even jokinh all the innocent tamils who died in the past several years will never rest in peace till we get tamil eelam

    people like mahinda and those sinhalese haters are what makes this world unpeaceful…good nite

  22. Thank god tghat bastard is dead..need to kill Osama bin Laden now..ALL terrorist must die

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