Wikileaks, Rahul Gandhi, and terror debate in India

Without going into the merits or demerits of Gandhi’s statement, what is clear is that such an assertion before a foreign envoy - while keeping in mind that India at that time, and still continues to, was seeking American influence over Pakistan to clamp down on extremists groups targeting India - was not merely distasteful but smacked of naivety.

Intel inputs, terror alerts, and the Indian intelligence

According to security experts, Pakistan-based terror organizations -- with help from Inter-Services Intelligence -- have set up hundreds of terror cells/modules across India. A terror module is a functional unit which includes one or more terror cells. Every cell works independently of the other and the handlers in Pakistan manage these cells without worrying about the Indian agencies. The recurring terror strikes in our country suggests that the Indian agencies does not have the required human intelligence about the numerous cells and modules that operate here.

Do we live in a democracy?

The latest terror attack on the German Bakery in Pune shows how lightly we take the security threats. The police in Maharashtra (especially Mumbai) should have been on high alert given the intelligence inputs from the Centre about an impending terror strike. But instead of that, the police were busy maintaining law and order due to the volatile situation created by Shiv Sena against SRK's new film. The police were protecting cinema halls and rounding up Shiv Sena activists instead of addressing the terror threats.

Waiting for the next terror attack

As India observes the first anniversary of the deadly terror strike in Mumbai, we have forgotten the fact that its also the 20th anniversary of terrorism in India. Violence against the Indian State that began in Jammu and Kashmir in 1989 has now spread to almost all of India. Year after year, the country has been hit by terror strikes of greater magnitude but all we do is organize candle light vigils for the victims, observe the anniversaries, and talk about resilience, and courage. We forget things very easily and hence never learn from our mistakes. Nobody seems to be questioning the government as to why the Mumbai attack inquiry report has not been tabled in the Maharashtra Assembly till now. And why has it been designated as classified? If the US can make public the 9/11 Commission report and own up to the mistakes made by the administration, why can't the Indian Government? The spineless politicians of India have really failed this country.

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