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General V K Singh

Wanted! Service Chiefs with Balls

Most of the Service Chiefs in recent times simply lack courage. Many veterans who have spent their best years in the Armed Forces are astonished at their pusillanimity.

Why no action yet against BEML CMD in Tatra scam?

Kindly let the nation know that as an appointee of the government does BEML CMD VRS Natarajan has the authority to issue notice of defamation to the ex-Chief of the Army.

An Army wife’s prayer

You, VK Singh, are a game changer. You are trying to change the ongoing game that certain ethically compromised people, including some in uniform and retired ones, have been playing for over a decade.

More questions for Tatra, Ravi Rishi and Defence Ministry

The Tatra trucks scam did not commence in 1997 but dates back to 1986. For twenty five years it involved politicians, generals, bureaucrats and Public Sector Unit officers.

Fitting reply to Vectra on Tatra deal

Tell us why the payments made by BEML to Tatra Sipox are not reflected in the books of Tatra Sipox? Why does Tatra Sipox submit abbreviated accounts which do not require audit?

Why is Gen VK Singh being targeted?

What is alarming and dangerous is the level of influence the arms lobby has acquired that it has begun to decide as to who would be the Army Chief and the length of his tenure. The tentacles of this lobby have penetrated in every conceivable pillar institution of the State.

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