PM and Prashant Bhushan in perfect concert on Kashmir


In his press conference what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was probably referring to with regard to solution to Kashmir problem was acceptance of Pakistan’s proposal of ‘open’ borders in Kashmir — a ploy to merge Kashmir with Pakistan.

It is believed that India is under tremendous pressure from international quarters as it had promised Pakistani leadership the same in exchange of latter’s cooperation on Afghanistan. Accordingly, it is these very external quarters that have been prevailing on India on not taking punitive measures against cross-border terrorism and provocation across the Line of Control (LoC) by Pakistan.

It is with this aim that the present government was encouraging withdrawal of Indian troops from Siachen — again a gift promised by international benefactors of Pakistan in the post-Afghan pullout phase.

There are several indications to suggest that with the pull out of NATO forces from Afghanistan the entire Taliban and jihadi machinery is going to be pumped in Kashmir by Pakistan to capture it. Against this backdrop what Prashant Bhushan is suggesting (about the withdrawal of Army from Kashmir) would be disastrous for India. In anticipation most of the jihadi outfits active in Afghanistan are shifting base to Pakistani Punjab. It includes Al Qaeda too. Otherwise who does not know that upon infiltration through LoC the militants arrive in the Valley to perpetrate terror as part of the proxy war. Can India fight proxy war without its Army? Can you have referendum on whether the territorial integrity of India should be maintained.

The PM dare not try to give away Kashmir as there is a resolution by the Indian Parliament that entire Kashmir, which includes Gilgit-Baltistan (which includes 75 percent of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) belongs to India. He may be under tremendous pressure from international quarters to deliver on this score, but he dare not play with the will of the people of India.

What is disconcerting is the timing of statements by the PM and Prashant Bhushan. The international umbilical of the two is common therefore the concert. Bhushan’s view on referendum on deployment of Indian Army is not ‘blurred’ or ‘innocent’ or ‘personal’ as it is being propagated by his apologists. He is too astute and pedigreed lawyer for that. It is a timed and calculated statement. He is not limited to such dangerous agenda with regard to Kashmir only, his indulgence with Maoists has been seen so many times on television after every massacre by the outfit. In fact the Maoist, jihadi and US signature looms very large on Bhushan’s political party.

It is this anti-India security discourse of Aam Aadmi Party and its political and international benefactors that is emerging as the biggest threat to the country (Read More on this here).

(RSN Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan, he is also a Guest Blogger with Canary Trap)

One thought on “PM and Prashant Bhushan in perfect concert on Kashmir

  1. Once the UPA came to power in the US imposed Manmohan Singh on Sonia. In fact two years before Manmohan became Finance Minister a French newspaper La Monde reported that irrespective of which party comes to power Manmohan Singh would be appointed Finance Minister. A left leaning Sonia had no option but to lump US decision. But she asserted her position by making an unconstitutional National Advisory Council(NAC). Most members of NAC were Church backed Maoists.
    These same members of NAC created a phenomenon called Kejriwal because several internal surveys by the congress indicated that following the mega scams the party will not be decimated but routed, meaning end of the dynasty. To make Kejriwal look genuinely anti- congress a tirade was allowed to be launched against Vadra who had fallen out from the family for several reasons.
    As part of political strategy the whole ‘Shiela versus Kejriwal ‘ game was then plotted. The plot was to transfer entire anti-congress sentiment in favour of Kejriwal. To again boost Kejriwal’s credibility, Sandeep Dixit, a friend of Kejriwal allowed his mother to be vilified by the latter. To transfer anti-congress votes to kejriwal the congress decided to carry out a token electoral campaign. Then Kejriwal tried to get the pro-modi votes by telling the people to vote for modi in lok sabha elections but give him one chance in Delhi.
    As per the script after elections the two parties re-combined. This Delhi model is now being replicated at national level.
    I have no problem with political strategies, but I am surprised how can a person be such a conman to play upon the credulity of the people of India who subsidized his education at IIT and gave him so much? How can one be so disloyal to God, children and national flag.?How do parents bring up a child to be a con like Kejriwal?

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