Photos of Prabhakaran with wife, son and daughter

Canary Trap brings you the exclusive pictures of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran’s family.

The photos have been released by the Sri Lankan defence ministry.

1. Prabhakaran and Madivadini in an undisclosed location in India during mid 80’s.

2. Prabhakaran and Madivadini at their wedding.

3. Prabhakaran’s celebrates the sixth birthday of his youngest son Balachandran.

4. Prabhakaran and Madivadini with their most favoured son in an undisclosed location in Wanni.

5. Prabhakaran with family members.

6. Prabhakaran with his son in a swimming pool.

7. Prabhakaran with his family.


8. Prabhakaran, Madivadini and children on a sea tiger boat at the Iranamadu tank.



9. Prabhakaran with son Charles Antony.


10. Prabhakaran’s son (Charles Antony) and daughter.


38 thoughts on “Photos of Prabhakaran with wife, son and daughter

  1. Good collection of photographs….Does the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry mean to spare Prabhakaran as he’s got a lovely family 🙂

  2. Wonderful Family.

    LTTE and other Tamil Elam promoters should learn from The Great Gandhi that your voices can be heard and you can achieve victory through PEACE not just violence.

    LTTE cause was good, but the bloody & violent path that was taken is the one I cannot agree and comprehend.

    Stay Blessed
    Hepzi Leon Soon

  3. he made a nice family but he ruined lots of familys…people keep that also in mind.thanks.

  4. Prabhakaran had to pay to all the bloody crap he did!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now every sri lankan feel the smell of peace!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the president,army, navy, air force & police of sri lanka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Winning the war against a rag-tag militant group with small-arms is easy, congratulations anyway!
    Now the question is are sinhala people capable of winning peace or will they start persecuting those poor Tamils who were stuck between LTTE and SL-govt.

    Sinhala govt systematically killed anyone, including prominent simhala-buddhist-journalists, who was criticising the war or any part of the war. Maturity will continue to be an issue for the Simhala govt.

  6. While he enjoyed the company of his family, he destroyed so many homes, including the Tamilian who he used a suicide bombers and human shields.
    Cannot understand why the Tamilians all over the world cannot see this. It is not just that the Sri Lankan government were making up the LTTE’s atrocities but the world has viewed minors and majority women being trained by the LTTE as suicide bombers.
    While there has been unjust governance, there is an opportunity with the LTTE gone to bring peace and stability in the island with the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims living amicably under a fair government. Instead of the Tamils (especially those living abroad) critising what has happened – they should return their homeland and enter the political arena.

  7. Guys Stop all the nonsence. You didn’t live in Jaffana or tamil area…to know what happened over there…. Who ruined …..bloody Srilankan Shingala government did it.

    Srilanka feel smell of peace??? Really funny to ready these Srilanka blood rivers are running in a tamil areas… what happened to those 25,000 people. Why everyone keep silent….yaa yayaa all of the are LTTE….so you guys distroied them. Oneday you have to answer for these question. whatever is it… he is our lovely leader and our roll model. Thanks..I knew you won’t put this comment. anyways thanks

  8. I think emma should be more educated before talking non sense. LTTE is the most powerful rebel group in the world..Which terrorist group had their own aircrafts, submarines, such massive, heavy weaponry etc…? Answer that if u can..I think in the first place u should mature before talking about our army and the Sinhalese, maturity is of great concer regarding yourself……
    How many tamils did LTTE kill? They killed many when they were trying to flee LTTE controlled areas…LTTE enjoyed luxury at the expense of the poor civilians…The LTTE had no love even for their own people and Prabhakaran deserves to die like a dog under the feet of the Sinhalese army…
    Please educate yourself before commenting…

  9. war is over and its finished..You just day dream that it is notover…man , u LTTE supporters should stop day dreaming and come back to reality…!

  10. I can’t believe, whether Pirapaharan’s family had been killed until it’s confirmed. But if they r still alive. They should b killed. Coz supporting Terrorists/Terrorism is also a serious crime.
    But the younger son may b given mercy, coz still he’s underage.

  11. STOP ALL THESE NONESENCE my brother!!! Oneday we’ll all loose everything. we didn’t bring anything to this world neither we’ll take with us. who knows where we go after death, whether we go to hell or heven. none of these worldly possessions belong to any one of us. what did Prabakaran take with him when he left this world??? Only his unsaved, unjust spirit. with this spirit where would he go??? to hell or heven?? LET GOD JUDGE, the OWNER of this world.

  12. I havn’t been to Jaffna, eventhough Tamils had the freedom to go anywhere in the island, no need to mention Sinhalese & muslim couldn’t visit or live safely in Jaffna & north since LTTE begun. But I hav bn to Batticaloa in 2002 during the peace process period & stayed at Tamil friend’s home. They speak the truth of LTTE. I got to know lot of things about the civilian life & the troubles from LTTE to the Tamils.

    If u r really from Jaffna u should know the answers to these questions.

    * What was the 2nd most developed city in Sri Lanka, before LTTE started? (It was Jaffna)

    * Who killed the mayor of Jaffna Mr.Dooray Appa in 1976? (V.Pirapaharan, the mayor was the 1st victim of the murder pirapa)

    * Who killed 13 government security persons in 1983? (LTTE)

    * Who got taxes even from the poor fishermen? (LTTE)

    * Who killed all the (non-LTTE) Tamil politicians?(LTTE)

    * Who kidnapped the Tamil children in Jaffna & North & put them in the war? (LTTE)

    If u know the correct answers how do u say GoSL ruined Jaffna lives?
    It was only LTTE ruined the life of Jaffna. If u don’t agree with the correct answers, may b u hav not lived o gone to Jaffna, or may b u r a pro-LTTE.

  13. Hey just have a look @ ur bloody comment again, It is blurbing ur need of racialism. U bloody LTTE supporters please don’t talk things that u dont know. We (Sinhala/Tamil/Muslim)all like to live under one flag as a people in one family. U r the bloody fools trying to stop that cos of ur bloody needs.

  14. im sorry yee…but yu lot relli dont understand whats goin on right now..

    ok letme put it this way…just imagine if it was your country on war and it was YOUR PEOPLE DYING HOW WOULD YOU FEEL…???

    you lott arent making it better for us eeven when our tamil leadrr just past away…and your son…i dnt care if hes underage or not…i might be being rude right now but im being honest

    im going to ask you one more question….DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW THE WAR STARTED???

  15. Well Rajapakse also made a nice family but he ruined lots of familys…people keep that also in mind.thanks

  16. Sri Lanka is not a great nation. Most probably it has corrupt officialdom, brute police force, exploited common man, and foolish politicians. This seeming victory over the LTTE is just to hoodwink the poor people of Sri Lanka, who probaby have no social security. The officialdom may be wallowing in immense salary, beautiful pension, and much else. It is only a matter of time, before the people start understanding that they are being fooled. Sri Lankans will try to escape from their nation to English nations. That would be their height of their patriotism. At the same time, they would want the others to be under the Sri Lankan domination!

  17. Prabhakaran, not only a good leader to eallam, this pictures show his good love with his family and children. What a great man.

  18. Wonder whether those children who was taken to LTTE by force and trained to be fighters and died got any oppotunity to celebrate their birthdays with their parents like his son does?

  19. I am happy Prabhakaran was bumped off. Imgaine how many orphans and widows he would have created.

    But i felt sorry that his wife and daughter who were never directly involved in killing had to die for Prabhakaran’s sins

  20. For all those who just give their hearts out to LTTE… just sit back and think about this.

    LTTE is supposed to be fighting for freedom and they want part of Sri Lanka to call it their own.. right????? The LTTE will reach their goal if they had to kill as many as they can. Killing has become a real game to the LTTE. I think Sri Lankan people can hear what LTTE have to say and they did reply with the well deserved answer. If anyone believes in god then you should also know there is no escape from sin. LTTE is a bunch of twisted minded people who make everyone believe they’re fighting for a cause and thats bullshit. If killing can get you there i truly feel sorry for you. As for the comment that made about Prabakaran been a family man heheheheeee…… thats funny that you think like that after all the children,wife’s, husbands,mother’s, father’s, brothers and sisters he killed. He took life from Sri Lanka. He killed my brother u moron……

  21. really, wonder how loving he was to those young innocent tamil kids who were forced to get a gun in their hand than a book

  22. is that why u starved so many tamil children and killed them by using cluster bombs.

  23. Mr.Prabhakaran is a brave man fought for the Tamil Elam. He is not fought for his familys or any other treasuries. He fighting for our tamil people in srilanka.Most of the fools are blamimg the LTTE. they are not a terrist they are the patriot sacricectheir life for the right of the tamil elam. In future definitely we get tamil elam.

  24. Well Rajapakse also has a nice family but he too killed lots of familys…people keep that also in mind. Tamilans are forced to take guns in the hands. If Prabakaran plans to lead a luxurious life using tamil people and kids. Why does he made his own loving children also to join in his troop. Hope you know his son Charles Antony was died in the war. If you were there you will know the real situation

  25. is,prabhakaran alive and some channal show hat he is waching is death show plz ans its right, and i love his breave and he is stong and he have in control of his place all have to handsoff

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