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All that you wanted to know about Panama Papers

So will the latest release have any impact on the ground? As of now, it seems that it will impact countries that are politically fragile (Ukraine, Pakistan), will result in loss of face for ruling dispensation (Iceland, United Kingdom), and will have negligible or little impact in counties like Russia and China.

‘Kashmiri politics is no longer about ideology, it’s all a money game’

This is a second post which exposes how money plays its part in Jammu and Kashmir politics. The previous post, a leaked Wikileaks cable, revealed how money is regularly being paid to political players in the state.

This post is aimed at those naive journalists/editors (or pretending to be naive) who are shocked at former Army Chief Gen VK Singh’s statement that Army paid certain ministers in J&K government to maintain stability in the state. The only surprising thing about his statement is that for the first time the admission has come from an official level and that too from a former Army Chief.

'Politically-connected Kashmiris take money from both India and Pakistan'

We are a bit surprised to see so many prominent people being shocked at former Army Chief General VK Singh’s statement that Indian Army paid money to certain Jammu and Kashmir government ministers to maintain stability in the state. This is an open fact in Jammu and Kashmir.

Read this US State Department Cable originating from its Delhi Embassy on February 3, 2006. The cable, titled ‘Kashmiri Politics as filthy as Dal Lake’, was released by Wikileaks and reveals details about political corruption in Jammu and Kashmir.

US diplomatic cable commenting on Jagdish Tytler’s role in 1984 anti-Sikh riots

This US Diplomatic cable, published by Wikileaks, contains political highlights from their embassy in New Delhi for December 17-21, 2007. The cable includes information and comment about the court order reopening the November 1984 riots case against Congress leader Jagdish Tytler.

“Tytler’s day in court is long overdue. In the days after Indira Gandhi’s assassination, he was among the local Congress Party leaders competing with one another to see which wards would shed more Sikh blood,” the cable comments.

Who sold info on Osama bin Laden to CIA?

An article in a Pakistani newspaper in May 2011 had claimed that the story that a courier helped track Bin Laden was just a cover.

Who really killed Syed Saleem Shahzad?

Syed Saleem Shahzad, a Pakistani investigative journalist, was founded dead in a canal in North-East Pakistan in May-June 2011. There is still no clarity on who actually killed him.

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