Details of US-Russia spy swap

A White House official has revealed that the Obama administration was considering a spy swap well before the 10 were arrested on 27 June. White House officials were first briefed on the spy ring in February, while President Barrack Obama was made aware of the case on 11 June. “The idea of a swap was discussed among the administration’s national security team before the arrests were made,” the source added. According to the White House, the US itself chose the names of the four men to be freed by Moscow.

China steals India’s secret documents: Report

The report, Shadows in the Cloud: Investigating Cyber Espionage 2.0, is the result of a collaborative investigation by the Information Warfare Monitor and Shadowserver Foundation. The recovered data that was stolen from sensitive locations in India was analyzed by the researchers. One of the document was an encrypted diplomatic correspondence. Other documents belonging to the Indian government included two marked as "SECRET", six as "RESTRICTED", and five as "CONFIDENTIAL".

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