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Hindu Terror

The Malegaon Mystery and its Big Little Lies – Part 2

Why aren’t the charges against Lt Col Prasad Shrikant Purohit being dropped? Why is he incarcerated without trial for his alleged involvement in cases involving Hindu terror groups when the cases of accused belonging to such groups seem to be floundering?

The Malegaon Mystery and its Big Little Lies – Part 1

Was Lt Col Purohit set-up as a pawn in a political game of thrones and exploited by the political establishment, supported by a malleable, pliant Army leadership in 2008?

BJP govt in Maharashtra should act against Sanatan Sanstha

The fourth and the last part of this series questions how Sanatan Sanstha chief Athavale has escaped the long arms of the law even when he produced an array of crazy violent rantings through his books.

Sanatan Sanstha wants to wage a war within India to eliminate “evil-doers”

In Part 3 of the continuing Canary Trap revelations on Sanatan Sanstha, evidence of this extremist Hindu terror organization’s belief in “waging war on evil-doers” is being put out in the public domain.

Massive evidence collected by law enforcement agencies on Sanatan Sanstha

This second part will throw light on the massive evidence collected by the law enforcement agencies On Sanatan Sanstha’s open proselytization of terror. The evidence was ignored by Congress-led UPA and now the BJP-led NDA.

The many Chhota Shakeels in India

It may be underscored that the Dawood gang exercises substantial leverage over three important facets of national life of India: Bollywood, Cricket and politics.

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