Modi and Muzaffarpur

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has alerted the Bihar Police about conspiracy by the Indian Mujahideen (IM) and other jihadi groups to target Narendra Modi during his public rally at Muzaffarpur in Bihar on 3rd March 2014. The BJP's prime ministerial candidate is therefore going to address his next rally at a place which is the meeting point between jihadis and the Maoists, the former orchestrated by Pakistan, and both aided and abetted by some subverted elements within the government in Bihar.

Will Pakistan decide the next Indian PM?

Henceforth Indian politics is not going to be the same because it lost its civility and political soul at Gandhi Maidan. Never in the history of India a political rally had been subjected to terrorist attack. The target was not only the leader, Narendra Modi, but the public as well. Terrorism had so far preyed on market places, metros, religious centers, defence installations, scientific installations, trains, railway stations and airports. Now a new element has been introduced in the scarred terrorist landscape which seeks to knock India out from its constitutional edifice and democratic framework...... .......Latest reports also suggest that eight students of particular hostel were indoctrinated, trained and paid Rs 10,000 to plant bombs in Gandhi Maidan. It indicates the level of Islamic radicalization in Bihar. But when the Chief Minister of a state begins to treat a counterpart as enemy and not political adversary for reasons solely attributable to religious votebank, it only abets fundamentalism, radicalization and terror. In effect it conveys mistaken signals to the security apparatus of the state.

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