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Is global establishment in for surprise in France too?

The global establishment is on sixes and sevens on which way the cookie might crumble in France.

The ‘Spring of Nations’ Redux – Lessons from 1848 for the future of Europe after Brexit

Signs of a year of revolutions in Europe are deepening every passing day. The response of the reactionary elites may just strengthen the revolt of the masses.

Europe without Britain prone to accommodation with Russia

Britons have now joined electoral insurgencies elsewhere in Europe and beyond, against two party democracies being hijacked by crony capitalism and austerity policies.

What the Refugee crisis tells us about Europe

Overwhelmed by the prospect of granting refugee status to tens of thousands of West Asian Muslims, most European countries have reacted by simple throwing their moral compass away.

Will the dead be cremated as part of Europe’s austerity?

In the Czech Republic this is a serious debate. In Prague, the capital of the most representative of what Ronald Rumsfeld called “new Europe”, burial is turning out to be expensive.

Visegrad: A new European military force

The Visegrad Group, or V4, consists of four countries — Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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