Best of Canary Trap in 2010

A very happy and a prosperous 2011 to all the readers of Canary Trap. As we enter a new year, we bring you the top 10 posts of 2010 from different categories (Corruption, Politics, Security and Intelligence, History, Media Analysis).

Has the UPA govt betrayed Bhopal disaster victims?

It is high time the proceedings and action of US-India CEO Forum are brought under parliamentary scrutiny because the Forum is interfering even with the due process of law in the matter of making Union Carbide Corporation and Dow Chemicals Company accountable to provide legal remedy to the victims of world’s worst industrial disaster. 

Is the new GoM on Bhopal gas tragedy a farce?

The 55-page PMO documents gathered using Right to Information Act (RTI) shows manifest collusion between ministers, officials and Dow Chemicals to protect it from the liabilities of industrial catastrophe of Bhopal. The documents reveal how some of the ministers who have been made part of Group of Ministers (GoM) by the Prime Minister have been acting to safeguard the interest of the US corporation in question, which is liable for Bhopal disaster.

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