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Overseas education – is it really worth the money and hype?

But what is the reality of the usefulness of a degree from overseas? Do overseas qualified students find it easier to get jobs overseas or in India?

Of wolves and men

It is a great mystery to me why wolves should have been saddled with the ill repute of being sexual predators.

The Bible according to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

Hinduism is the only organized faith worldwide that has a goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) who is vigorously worshipped every Diwali day for hefty boons. Yet India’s women own barely 2% of national assets, and even less have bank accounts.

Did Pataudi derive from Urdu composite culture too?

Tiger’s grandmother came from the family of the Nawab of Loharu with which the great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib also had links.

Earthquake: A poem by RSN Singh

The poem below is based on a true incident in the earthquake at Chamoli. It is written by former military intelligence officer RSN Singh.

The illusion of being normal

Statistics, they say, are like bikinis – they show and titillate, but refuse to reveal the vital. Well, here’s a case where that wisdom is reversed.

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