A very happy and a prosperous 2011 to all the readers of Canary Trap. As we enter a new year, we bring you the top 10 posts of 2010 from different categories (Corruption, Politics, Security and Intelligence, History, Media Analysis).

Several American Presidents ranging from George Washington to Franklin Roosevelt have known to be members of the fraternity. Researchers argue that while the membership of a number of former presidents is known, even the more recent ones, including Barack Obama, belong to the fraternity, while Bill Clinton (though not a freemason) used to be a member of the Youth Order of DeMolay – a Masonic sponsored youth group.

In the Indian context too, several key members of the political, bureaucratic and judicial community along with former Maharajas have been freemasons. The list goes from Motilal Nehru, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Swami Vivekananda to even Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and JRD Tata.

What is Project Azorian? It was a CIA codename for one of its most ambitious plan to recover a sunken Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific Ocean. A recently released CIA document, an article (Project Azorian: The Story of the Hughes Glomar Explorer) published in the fall 1985 edition of the agency’s in-house journal Studies in Intelligence, details the events from conception and planning to the retrieval of the submarine in August 1974.

The declassified document, in possession with Canary Trap, does not include all the information on the project as some of it is still considered highly sensitive.

The United States of America and Japan today marked 50 years of the signing of the Mutual Assistance Treaty between the two nations. The treaty was signed in Washington DC on January 19, 1960 by then Japanese Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke.

Japan’s new government has recently ordered a panel of ministers and academicians to investigate the secret security agreements between Japan and the US. The secret agreements, which were not the part of the official security pact, allowed US nuclear vessels to enter Japan.