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HSBC’s ‘strange’ apology to Ambanis and Herve Falciani

The ‘strange’ thing that begs attention is why would HSBC apologize to an Indian businessman if they had not officially given the list to anybody?

CIC directs SEBI to disclose insider trading probe details

The Commission has directed SEBI to disclose the names of entities which were allegedly involved in the insider trading of shares of Reliance Petroleum in 2007.

Gas debate: Reliance, Kejriwal, BJP and Congress

India Against Corruption’s Arvind Kejriwal is right when he says Reliance is the favorite group of both Congress and the BJP.

Download eBook: SEBI, UK Sinha and Omita Paul

Canary Trap has been reporting on the entire issue since May 2011. This eBook is a compilation of all the articles written by petitioner Arun Agrawal and published on our blog.

The Empire strikes back!

Don’t be surprised. After all, our government is open for business only to those who pay an entry fee!

Pranab Mukherjee, Omita Paul and corruption in Finance Ministry

Though there have been extra-constitutional authorities and power centres in the past, the country has not known an official power centre like that of Omita Paul.

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