The protest by Aam Aadmi Party and its leaders over the issue of suspending five Delhi Police officials is nothing but a well thought out strategy.

The party realized that since rapes in Delhi are taking place almost daily and people would start blaming them as they blamed Sheila Dikshit government in the past, they would end up with bad publicity. So a strategy was planned to raise the issue of Delhi Police not being under Delhi government. Law Minister Somnath Bharti was authorized to pick up a law and order problem and raise it in full media glare so that it can be then converted into a larger issue of control over Delhi Police.

The Khirki Extension area in Bharti’s constituency Malviya Nagar has a lot of African nationals. Also, there is a perception among the locals that they are associated with drugs and prostitution. Considering them as soft targets, Bharti went about targeting them and also instructed the police to target them. He made sure that police in full media glare refused to do so. The idea was to show how Delhi Police was not listening to even a Law Minister. And he cleverly used the media to this end. But it went horribly wrong as his over enthusiasm turned into an international issue and the Ministry of External Affairs had to call the envoys of 20 African countries to assure them that India would take action regarding the ill-treatment of Ugandan women by Bharti and his supporters. This shameful incident also dented India’s image internationally.

NHRC has also asked for a report from the Centre. A Delhi Court too has asked the police to file an FIR against Bharti.

So to shift the attention away from Bharti and his misdeeds, the ongoing dharna was planned. The party knew that the area where they are protesting will be handed over to the Army for Republic Day rehearsals in the coming days. There is nothing spontaneous in the protests. Kejriwal and company has cleverly manipulated the minds of people into believing that they are fighting for control over Delhi Police. In reality they are just trying to take the attention away from the misdeeds of their Law Minister and also ensure that people don’t blame them for crime in Delhi. Whereas they constantly blamed Sheila Dikshit over the same issue.

Also there is a pattern here of ignoring past promises a moving on to new issues every other day to stay in the news.

The party leaders had said after they announced the water plan that while they were aware that only people with pipeline would benefit, they would announce an extensive plan to cover all areas (a large number of Delhi households don’t have water pipeline) after the DJB chairman submitted a report.

Kejriwal and his party are moving from one activism to another and in the process forgetting the past promises. They had said that once the CAG audit of power distribution companies is done, the current subsidy given by slashing power rates will be adjusted with correction in rates. But no development on that front too.

Kejriwal told a news channel that they are studying Commonwealth Games papers and in the next two days will announce an action plan to tackle corruption and also initiate inquiry against Sheila Dikshit government. So how are they going to do it with 10 days of dharna already announced? Will they clear confidential files relating to corruption inquiry in full public glare? Or will this promise also be forgotten?

So after, water, electricity, corruption, now its the Delhi Police and Republic Day. Kejriwal and company are jumping from one issue to another to just stay in the news.

The Delhi voters have to think whether they have voted to power a group of anarchists who have no plan for governance.