The protest by Aam Aadmi Party and its leaders over the issue of suspending five Delhi Police officials is nothing but a well thought out strategy.

The party realized that since rapes in Delhi are taking place almost daily and people would start blaming them as they blamed Sheila Dikshit government in the past, they would end up with bad publicity. So a strategy was planned to raise the issue of Delhi Police not being under Delhi government. Law Minister Somnath Bharti was authorized to pick up a law and order problem and raise it in full media glare so that it can be then converted into a larger issue of control over Delhi Police.

The Khirki Extension area in Bharti’s constituency Malviya Nagar has a lot of African nationals. Also, there is a perception among the locals that they are associated with drugs and prostitution. Considering them as soft targets, Bharti went about targeting them and also instructed the police to target them. He made sure that police in full media glare refused to do so. The idea was to show how Delhi Police was not listening to even a Law Minister. And he cleverly used the media to this end. But it went horribly wrong as his over enthusiasm turned into an international issue and the Ministry of External Affairs had to call the envoys of 20 African countries to assure them that India would take action regarding the ill-treatment of Ugandan women by Bharti and his supporters. This shameful incident also dented India’s image internationally.

NHRC has also asked for a report from the Centre. A Delhi Court too has asked the police to file an FIR against Bharti.

So to shift the attention away from Bharti and his misdeeds, the ongoing dharna was planned. The party knew that the area where they are protesting will be handed over to the Army for Republic Day rehearsals in the coming days. There is nothing spontaneous in the protests. Kejriwal and company has cleverly manipulated the minds of people into believing that they are fighting for control over Delhi Police. In reality they are just trying to take the attention away from the misdeeds of their Law Minister and also ensure that people don’t blame them for crime in Delhi. Whereas they constantly blamed Sheila Dikshit over the same issue.

Also there is a pattern here of ignoring past promises a moving on to new issues every other day to stay in the news.

The party leaders had said after they announced the water plan that while they were aware that only people with pipeline would benefit, they would announce an extensive plan to cover all areas (a large number of Delhi households don’t have water pipeline) after the DJB chairman submitted a report.

Kejriwal and his party are moving from one activism to another and in the process forgetting the past promises. They had said that once the CAG audit of power distribution companies is done, the current subsidy given by slashing power rates will be adjusted with correction in rates. But no development on that front too.

Kejriwal told a news channel that they are studying Commonwealth Games papers and in the next two days will announce an action plan to tackle corruption and also initiate inquiry against Sheila Dikshit government. So how are they going to do it with 10 days of dharna already announced? Will they clear confidential files relating to corruption inquiry in full public glare? Or will this promise also be forgotten?

So after, water, electricity, corruption, now its the Delhi Police and Republic Day. Kejriwal and company are jumping from one issue to another to just stay in the news.

The Delhi voters have to think whether they have voted to power a group of anarchists who have no plan for governance.

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    1. Jitna bhi laga ho , but u tell why no action has been taken yet on Bharti and supports for ill – treating the Women and taking the law in their hands

      1. What is the action taken against Congress and BJP all these years? India has now got a ray of hope. Don’t dim it with cynicism.

        1. Its true that AK company is future hope for India but they shouldnt be greedy.They should have systematic plan to develop Delhi rather than wandering here and there all over India.Dont forgwet AAP had not Absolute majority but as BJP refused to form govt they got the chance.So they should have concrete plan for to develop Delhi 1st and on that basis they should fight 2019 LS elections.Every leader of is trying to become Emporer of each state like AK for Delhi,Yadav for Haryyana,Kumar for UP…..AND SO-ON.Rather they should have collective faught in Delhi against two strong apposite parties.

  1. kuch tho sharam karo ye sab chapne walon.. koi government accha karne ki koshish kar raha hai woh bhi tum logon se deka nahi jaatha.. doob maro kahi jaake..

    1. Sharam is kejriwal ko karni chahiye apne ministers par aciton na lekar ,defend karne ko , u tell why no action has been taken yet on Bharti and supports for ill – treating the Women and taking the law in their hands.
      Aur kahta hai ki hamari maag puri nahi hui to 26 Jan ko Rajpath ko lakho log se bhar dege … police par control chahiye to parliament tak baat pahuchao ……….
      sarkar chala rhe hain ya nukkad natak …

  2. It’s evident how arvind kejriwal and comrades are playing with people’s minds.
    They aren’t doing anything really. But these tactics have already begun to backfire on them.
    They are fast losing ground . It’s idiotic and stupid in the first place to find a CM sitting on dharnas. He should be governing his city!

    AAP paid trolls… You are exposed!

  3. Please follow up and get details of blood test of individuals in Malaviya nagar. One side we have AAP shouting conspiracy theories and you have your own conspiracy theory. Someone should talk facts.

  4. Crap. please go out and do some investigative journalism, than just collating data from riight and left and adding ur own masala and pushing it…A tasteless dish indeed.

  5. ALL AApstards pls read this all idiots who are supporting kejrival and his naxalite marons are either innocent emotional fools or traitors thanx for this article Indians/ NGOs who have been funded by or have proximity to Ford Foundation

    Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia’s NGO – Kabeer
    Mallika Sarabhai’s Darpana
    Yogendra Yadav was funded by ICSSR of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which in turn was funded by Ford Foundation
    Amartya Sen for its books – Ideas of Justice
    Teesta Setalvad and Javed’s Sabrang Communication, one who has been fighting against Modi all these years

    1. Do you suggest that jawaharlal university must be closed down as it is getting funds from the ‘evil’ Ford Foundation? What is your stand on modi who promotes foreign funds officially, by calling international investors to invest in his state and what is your stand on quaterochi’s associates.

  6. This is so stupid and mindless an idea, I am in shock.
    writer is a truly an imaginative person.
    There are so many variables that are beyond any bodies control specially in today’s current volatile political environment in the country. How can AJ manipulate so much? He is not a god but a true honest politician…Please if you cannot support at least stop making a mockery of yourself.

  7. While the AAP is trying to do some good work, its over-enthusiasm and lack of governance can cost far more than anyone can speculate. Here’s a few things that would throw some light.
    -Mistreating Africans publicly and humiliating them in media is only going to invite trouble for those 1.2 Million Indians living in African countries. Law and order in African countries are not well framed or applied as it is in India. So, in an occasion of public rage against Indians, one can image how the situation could turn out to be.
    -Mr. Kejriwal has made such a hue and cry about curbing corruption. They have been motivating the common man to undergo sting operations to catch hold of the wrong-doers. What happened to their sting operation skills when they wanted to catch hold of the drug & sex rackets going on in Khirki village.
    -Mr. Bharti is a Law Minister and he should be the best person who knows about the laws regarding conduction of raids and detention of women according to the IPC.
    -Mr. Kejriwal and other supporters who are participating in Dharna near the Rail Bhavan have not taken into consideration the chaos they have led thousands of Delhi people into. There are numerous cases of ambulances not being able to reach on time, pregnant ladies not getting the due treatment on time, students not able to reach their schools on time. If AAP wants to protest, they could do it on Jantar Mantar as they have been doing during their activism days.

  8. Good Theory addressed, Thanks. If AAP is really strategic and executed as per the plan, I appreciate Kejriwal and his team.
    At least these guys have the capacity to execute strategies as planned . In fact we do want such a party to lead the nation
    and we do not want ppl who are fit for nothing.

  9. True This is going to boomarang and spoil the AAPs image. I had lot of respect to Arvind Kejariwal. All lost now.

  10. There is no doubt that the action taken by the new Law Minister of Delhi, Shri Somnath Bharti took a wrong action despite being a lawyer himself and presumably conversant with the law besides the bilateral relations. This was an anarchist way of dealing with the issue, without any solid evidence, etc. and the requirement of the law of the land. When we criticised the earlier incumbents for wrong doings, how can a party given the mandate by the people do such wrong things that too in the early days of its beginning, when their feet may still not have been settled in the governance system. The writers’s [name not mentioned] opinion alleging the dharna by the CM to be a well planned strategy is not easily digestible. However, given the benefit of doubt to the writer, it still does not authorise so much of harsh criticism. Chance has to be given to them with patience. This is not to say that criticism is wrong but it should be healthy and mature. The way media is using the tone in talking about the new CM is equally wrong.They are presenting as if the dharnas by other political parties never caused any inconvenience to the public!! Media has to behave in a balanced way as the 4th estate of the democracy. Media needs to be more responsible in presenting a mature criticism in respect of anyone, and especially for the newcomers whom the people have voted for change as they are fed up by the attitudes of the long established parties. The new party/government should be allowed some time to function. If one cannot help them then one cannot just sit and criticise in , more with a helping hand rather than just mocking them. It is true that the behaviour and language being used by some of the new Delhi Ministers is in no way decent and mature. They need to look into themselves and think about their actions and what and how they speak about others. A wrong cannot right a wrong!!

  11. AK is really tapping the space where neither of the national parties were able to do . Make police accountable to the AAM AADMI. As we all know police works only for the Khaas Aadmi. Only the modus operandi was little dangerous. But all well that ends well. The messaging has been done .

    Change the game !!

  12. Well he is doing something atleast !!
    He has been in power for 20 days and has made good on some promises and working on the others. Not like the other political parties who being in power for 10 years have nothing to claim except money laundering everywhere and a miserable life for the people of the state. Even if his schemes benefit only 1000 people id say, they are still good as atleast 1000 people are benefiting. I commend him for having the courage to stand up to the lousy set of politicians we have in this country right now and am sure in the years to come we will see that the people in Delhi will recognize his efforts. Before you write such articles, you should have atleast given his team some time, 20 days is just not enough and is completely unfair on your part

  13. common friends wake up.let this article be imagination as you are saying.But was Mr.kejiriwal full filling his promises.He is incomplete person start everything and skip that n move to new one.He is just look like a opportunist just using people.

  14. A CM who says that republic day parade is farce is either subverted anti-national or insane. The parade is part of our national pride and symbol of India’s national integration. Young boys and girls of NCC get up at 4’o clock in morning for rehearsals. For them it is a matter of pride to be .part of the parade after rigorous selection. Children who get bravery awards come from all parts of the country with the parents feel rewarded. Girls of Birla Public School are regular feature as musical band contingent. Widows receive gallantry awards on behalf of their martyred husbands. And this lunatic scum on earth calls it a farce. This fraud was all through in the shelter when his supporters were out in the cold. None of his supporters had breakfast but he was being fed by his wife as if others hunger did not matter. I was a AAP worker in the ground and was witness to all sorts of obscene and drunken behaviour. I did go and complain to a senior leader seating in that famous blue car but he too was drunk. A little threat from President and all these fellows buckled. I have to atone for my sins for having joined these first-rate frauds..

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