July 2013

The interesting detail that should not be overlooked is this: even as Messrs McChrystal and Petreaus were talking “withdrawal” in 2011, Karzai had already contrived an extension until 2014. Karzai established his indispensability at a time when the Western media had written him off as “not even the mayor of Kabul” one “whose writ does not run beyond the Presidential palace”.

If there was no consistent American stand on withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2010, why should we be convinced that the 2014 deadline is cast in stone?

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Operative Part of the Batla House Encounter case verdict by a Delhi Court:

Apart from the aforesaid fact, it agitates my mind that the incident in question was not a sudden confrontation between police and the assailants. The police had already an information, receiving which, a raiding party was formed well In advance. Despite all this, Inspector MC Sharma did not wear any body protection device i.e. Bullet proof jacket. Moreover, at least two members of raiding party were having no weapon with them, despite knowing the fact that they may face firing.

It is not clear whether it was merely a misadventure or lack of professionalism in Delhi Police or scarcity of weapons with Delhi Police.

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Over the past few years, Pakistan’s strategic forces, responsible for the country’s primary deterrence program, have been doing extensive research into the design and development of smart weapons i.e. nuclear weapons that have a dynamic and compact form, and which can easily be transported from one location to another.

Although a variety of warheads already exist, especially in northern Pakistan, these enhanced productions are considered a landmark in strategic deterrence, owing to their size and power. Sources for Terminal X revealed that Pakistan has taken the term ‘special degree’ one step ahead by developing what they call, “the world’s smallest nuclear weapons”. (Source: www.terminalx.org)

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