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August 2012

Wanted! Service Chiefs with Balls

Most of the Service Chiefs in recent times simply lack courage. Many veterans who have spent their best years in the Armed Forces are astonished at their pusillanimity.

Mecca Summit: Peace initiative or one-upmanship

The Western media has been predicting the fall of Bashar al Assad for the past year. An externally induced civil war is on the cards but the collapse of the regime has not materialized.

Great power berserk: Fair is foul, foul is fair

What is going on? A war against Al Qaeda in Af-Pak and a deliberate manufacture of just those elements in Syria? Has New Delhi forgotten its breast beating against cross-border terrorism in Kashmir atleast since 1989?

Stalin not a bad word in Russia any longer

Russians across the board are sensitive to the status reversal they suffered with the Soviet collapse. This is Vladimir Putin’s strong point: he stokes Russian nationalism by appearing to stand upto the West.

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