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May 2012

Why not sell the Taj, when we can do it with Mumbai airport?

Without a clear-cut PPP policy and without regular audits by Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), India’s public property is being carved up and sold like a beef cow.

Nyoma incident: Have Maoists infiltrated the Indian Army?

The involvement of inimical powers, organizations and agencies is more often than not implicit in such incidents. The place of the incident, Nyoma, has the recently constructed strategic airfield.

Change text books to charm Dalit vote bank

The surprise is not at Dalit unease, but at UPA stalwarts vying with each other to drop cartoons from NCERT text books. This is attributable to one fact: a state of funk after the recent election results.

Appointment of CICs and Sushma Swaraj

Documents procured under RTI indicate that the latest batch of Central Information Commissioners (Rajiv Mathur, Vijai Sharma and Basant Seth) were selected by a more transparent process than earlier.

Questions on GoI-Vodafone tax dispute

Is there a saving clause in the Vodafone-Hutch agreement that states that if Vodafone is made to pay the income tax on the Rs 45,000 crores gain made by Hutch, then Hutch will indemnify Vodafone for it?

KGB activities in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Vasiliy Mitrokhin states that some of the KGB activities in the region were aimed at impeding the improvement of India-Pakistan relations.

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