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June 2011

Ministers in the Lokpal panel involved in Sahara Scam?

Sahara for over a decade has employed the strategy of targeting unbanked people in backward areas for mobilizing deposits through thousands of agents.

Will Obama fall between stools?

President Obama has tried to reconcile the irreconcilables – the requirements of his domestic audience and the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

Ramdev, Hazare and JP’s movement

In brief, JP movement was to replace a left lurching Indira Gandhi.  Hazare-Ramdev ball is being tossed up for political parties to smash it on a deft and durable Mayawati.

If Sibal is right then a deal on Jan Lokpal should be possible

It should be understood that the cabinet colleagues want the Prime Minister out of the Lokpal ambit for their own safety.

Hussain: Death of an exile

Hussain, who lived his life on an epic scale, was pained by his own exile, but he never allowed himself to be cast in a tragic mould.

Why Chidambaram is against Jan Lokpal Bill?

It is because if the Jan Lokpal comes into being Chidambaram’s political career will be over.

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