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January 2011

Internet and Egypt protests

Hashtags #jan25 #cairo and #egypt are following the latest protest on twitter. Police followed the progress of the set up of the protests using Twitter and Facebook.

Why I protest: A view from Egypt

The world is silent, watching, waiting as a media blackout takes control of Egyptians. Governments like vultures watch and wait for an outcome, condemning weakly by voice, and not at all through action.

Egypt protests: Eyewitness account from Cairo

The first of the marches began Tuesday around noon. We received news from twitter and Facebook about where exactly protesters were marching in Cairo.

“Day of Anger” continues in Egypt

A land cannot be protected from its own people; any government that tries to do so is not a democracy. No wonder then that Egyptians chose Police Day: January 25, 2011, to express intolerance towards a police state.

2G Scam and Sibal’s strange arguments

Last week, one was dumbfounded when Union Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal tried to insult the intelligence of the entire nation while stating that the 2G scam did not cause any loss to the nation. Though his arguments seemed convincing, they were heavily flawed.

Best of Canary Trap in 2010

A very happy and a prosperous 2011 to all the readers of Canary Trap. As we enter a new year, we bring you the top 10 posts of 2010 from different categories (Corruption, Politics, Security and Intelligence, History, Media Analysis).

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