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November 29, 2010

Is Ratan Tata's SC petition on 2G tapes a bad strategy?

Ratan Tata would be well advised to sack the lobbyist, withdraw the petition from the Supreme Court and let the tapes remain in the public domain. Otherwise he risks damaging his reputation forever which will be a sad thing. As for the tapes, they will remain in public domain (the Internet is too vast to be covered by a court injunction).

Bin Laden's PR better than us: US officials

US officials were concerned about not doing enough to counter the popularity of Osama bin Laden. Below is a classified note prepared by Public Diplomacy Counselor Richard Hoagland which suggest a review of public diplomacy effort about Laden.

Live Updates on Wikileaks’ latest disclosures

Barak reinforced his message regarding Pakistan in both meetings. He described Pakistan as his “private nightmare,” suggesting the world might wake up one morning “with everything changed” following a potential Islamic extremist takeover.

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