March 2010

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Surprisingly, the Indian Human Rights activists and secular protagonists, who labour beyond all conceivable elasticity of the Indian system, do not shed even crocodile’s tears for the Hindu-Sikh-Christian minorities in Pakistan.

These matters are not even taken up either in first track or second track diplomatic talks with Pakistan. Systematic destruction of Hindu temples and desecration of Sikh temples do not attract attention of the Indian political leaders and so-called secularist compradors.

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While the confusion prevails on whether India will get access to Headley, Canary Trap brings you the details of Headley’s plea bargain. The government knows that Headley has signed a plea agreement while pleading guilty to all the 12 terrorism related charges against him.

It is quite clear from the agreement that US wants to control access to David Headley for reasons that Canary Trap has highlighted in a previous post. The Indian Government can make tall claims of questioning/extraditing Headley, but the reality is that it is not being taken seriously by the US administration.

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While human rights activists, media, lawyers, and citizens create holes in the police’s encounter theory (based on the details of the postmortem reports), one thing that the encounter highlighted was the lack of coordination among security agencies in the country and intense competition between them to outdo each other and hog the media limelight.

Canary Trap had earlier raised questions over the murky encounter and even suggested that the encounter might have been a fallout of a tussle between the Mumbai Police and the Delhi Police to hog the limelight. According to various media reports, both Mumbai and Delhi police were behind Atif Amin and the latter went ahead with the encounter in a bid to pre-empt the former.

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